October 15, 2010

Les petits riens

Only 50 minutes and the doors will open. A fashion show, an exhibition and an auction. Fashion, design, food and bloggers. This all, happening tonight and I'm present!

Spullenhulp (nl) or Les petits riens (fr) is an non-profit association and with this show they're actually trying to raise awareness of the environment, but especially for social objectives of the association. The fashion/design show allows to raise funds through an auction. The main target of this year's "défilé" is to develop the social café of Spullenhulp/Les petits riens, because that's the meeting place for former residents of the house and it welcomes the homeless.

But this is not the first time, no it's actually the 8th edition! And this year they gathered 15 stylists and 17 designers. All the clothes and furniture that were donated to the association will be recreated into something special. They're giving second hand a second style, hence the title of the show. The symbol of this all is to give a second chance and life to all the people that come knocking on S/LPR's doors.

Now here are the 17 designers and 15 stylists:

Designers :
L’Agence, Thierry Bataille, Atelier Blink, Bram Boo, Sylvain Busine, Pili Collado, Raphaël Charles & Dustdeluxe, Anita Evenepoel, Laurent Havaux, Charles Kaisin, Sofie Lachaert, Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier, Hugo Meert, Zoé Morel, Pol Quadens, stefan schöning, Unik Bikes, Denis Meyers
Stylists :
Véronique Branquinho (Delvaux), Romain Brau, Maureen De Clercq, Anita Evenepoel, Anna Heylen, Conni Kaminski, Hüsniye Kardas, Le Fabuleux Marcel, Petits Riens, Cathy Pill, Emilie Pirlot, Kim Stumpf, Simon-Pierre Toussaint & Alice Knackfuss, Valeriane Van Eetvelde, Edouard Vermeulen (Natan)

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