July 31, 2010

I'm not trying to say that everybody wants to go

I'll be gone to the seaside with my girlfriends until the 6th of August! Lots of laughing, drinking, dancing and having fun!

Hello De Panne ...

July 24, 2010

501 vintage

Yes, my ass looks big in these but I absolutely DON'T care... They are the most comfy and (for my taste) stylish shorts I've ever had in my closet. They're vintage Levis, the famous and historical '501' jeans! They used to be a man's but now they're mine, yay!

July 18, 2010


Hey you! This is kind of a late post but I really wanted to show you guys my new purchase! This bag has a story :) ... I've been working next to this A-mazing shop called 'Privejoke' where they have (expensive) clothes, shoes and accessories and this bag is one of them. I've seen it for a few times and it made me laugh every single time. When my friend Tessa when by to look, she saw this bag and immediately came running back to me to tell me: 'that's really a bag for you: a blogger like bag!'. So she convinced me with some pictures of my darling Zoi showing the bag for me :)

Last long lunch in high school

July 17, 2010



Miranda Kerr is in my top 3 of Victoria's secret models, that's for sure! She's just so pretty and sexy and cute at the same time! Her Australian looks definately paid off. And then the brand: 'Victoria's secret'. Wauw, just wauw! I love their undies and can't wait to go shopping there myself (I give a list of what I want to the people that go to the states ^^).

Back to Miranda... She looks the most friendly person in the world and I think she is. Her smile and her blue eyes make you go crazy/jealous/in love... She can do it all! Her body is perfect and sporty! She's not like most of the models: too much on the skinny side. Miranda is just ... perfect (sorry for the repeating, but come on... isn't she?!)

What do you guys/girls think ?

July 10, 2010

Braid it

If there's one thing I really wish for, it's long hair.. No, long and thick and voluminous hair! Not as long as in the picture but I want to be able to make a long braid. I remember that my grandma used to make two of them in my hair after having my shower. The next morning my hair was going crazy with waves you can't even imagine... But I loved it! I miss the times I went to my grandparents who lived just a few kilometers away. Now they live in Greece and I don't get to see them much often...

Back to the braid! This one in the picture is gorgeous but there  are many different ways to make one. This one is more classy but I also love a mermaided styled braid (as seen here). I think I like a blonde braid more than any other hair colour but any kind of hair can be styled with a braid, like here and here for example! A cute little 'Heidi in Tirol' or 'milkmaid' braid is also done these days: look at this, just love it!

What's your opinion of this best hairtrend ever ?

July 9, 2010

Summer change

Hi there!

I thought I'd change the background picture a bit to make it more "summerish" so I choose these beautiful (vintage) suitcases!

Have you noticed the pink hearts next to my pictures? Well, let me explain... Are you tired of the picture overload on your computer? Are you tired of storing every picture you like? Hypeed has a solution! All you have to do is make an account (this is possible even if you aren't a blogger) and click on the hearts you see next to a picture you like! Make your account here and start clicking and you'll have an online storage of your pictures in no time. In my sidebar you can find Hypeed's top scored.

Enjoy your summer 2010!

P.S. Watch the 'How to install inspirations on your blog' here

It was the summer of 2010...

This would be my outfit if I was on the beach! 

The Ray-Ban limited edition Wayfarers with the one-shouldered bikini by Zimmermann and the Havaianas fit that I recently bought in gray. The bikini is in a very playful and nice colour that makes you look sunkissed all the time. The sunglasses are in a different kind of blue but the flowers on the inside of the glasses make it the perfect sunglasses for summer 2010! And the havaianas are just way to comfy and stylish at the same time!

What are you wearing this summer and where ?

Glamour in summer

Bought these new wedges from Pull and Bear and I love them!

July 1, 2010


Hi there!

Summer has officially begun and I can't wait to make it the best one ever! I graduated from high school and my 3 months of doing nothing can begin... Well, no, that's not true ^^ I start to work on saturday just for one month, then in august one week away with the girls and in september a holiday to the Philippines with my bf and his family (can't wait!!!)...
And what would I like to wear during all of this? Well, rompers and jumpsuits have caught my eye lately... But the thing is: I can barely find any in the shops!

The romper or playsuit above is actually slightly expensive although very simple. As you see, you can style it 2 times: day and night! This one's a Chloé so that explains a lot :)! During a hot summer day you can wear cute little sandals such as the Melissa's above (shop them here) and style it with a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote bag!
As for the hot summer evening, I'd wear clogs or these beautiful babies from Pedro Garcia! I couldn't find them in purple but this color is good as well. And for the bag: a LARGE Marcie by Chloé (absolutely LOVE it)

And... what are you wearing this summer?!

xoxo Afrodite