December 30, 2009

print your animal

Blake Lively - Marie Claire December 2009


I'm a big "90210" fan and my favorite character must be AnnaLynne who plays Naomi. Not only for her snobby acting skills but also for her looks. She's a pretty girl whose lips are perfectly formed and her eyes pop out everytime. What do you think about her?

Xmas gifts

Christmas is officially over now and it was fun! The evening of the 24th December I celebrated with my family but it was already over at midnight but then I went and celebrate with my bf's family! His family was so funny and we were all a bit tipsy, but it was really fun!

And what's christmas without gifts?

My parents gave me subscription to the 'GLAMOUR' and a black scarf (soyaconcept).

Shoes (H&M) from my sister

Bracelets from my friends (snake, metal and leopard) and my boyfriend's sister (colored stones)

A dress from my friends (ZARA)

3 brooches (Essentiel) from my boyfriend's sister

A bird necklace from my friend

Pictures taken with my iPhone 3G so the quality is bad but I tried to edit them with Photoshop CS3

December 20, 2009

Brittany Murphy

Rest in peace

I really loved Brittany's smile and acting talents and the way she was cute and sexy.
Hollywood will have to miss another good actress.

Vintage, nautical goodness

Really love it! I'm really a vintage fan, too bad the things I like are the most expensive things ^^ For more pictures of 'Voyage 2010' collection: Fashionising


I'm visiting a lot of blogs lately and there were a lot of blogs that I loved! Everyone is really talented and so passionate! I really love them and I don't think I'll ever be as good as them ...

Here are a few links:


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