April 29, 2011

Having fun with Lee

Wednesday 27th of april was a busy but oh so fun press day in Antwerp. Going alone would be a bit boring, so I met up with Gilles, Kim and Patricia to go together = super fun time! When we arrived at Listen Up we saw this bike by Lee (yes, the jeans that built America) and we couldn't resist to do something with it. We got a little help from the gorgeous Tiany, thanks darling! Find out after the jump what we did with it. I can assure you it was really funny :)

Tiany doing her thing: styling

April 25, 2011

PURE favorites

La Fille d'O
Isabelle Lenfant
Marc Philippe Coudeyre
Jessie Lecomte

Some of my favorite items/brands from the PURE showroom. I started with my number one: La Fille d'O! Her collections are always on the black side, which means super sexy and pretty, but now she decided to add something different. The colors become more nude and she thought of a few things: pre-formed bras and bras where you can put in breast prostheses. All good for Murielle, because I like it! Then we have Uterqüe, the mother brand of Zara, with beautiful accessories, shoes and clothes. I'm a fan of the first two! It's PURE's new baby and I think they'll treat it really good ^^ Chauncey, the brand featured in the next picture, keeps it simple but they also designed knitwear for us, women: I like! Isabelle Lenfant's amazing bracelet... wauw! It's actually the kind of 'bracelet' that you get when you go to a festival but then completely silver. And the last two are Marc Philippe Coudeyre and Jessie Lecomte. I had seen MPC at Oona before and I liked it, although it's not my price range nor style. Jessie Lecomte on the other hand, is my style but yet not my price range.

April 23, 2011

Drumrolls please!

picture from zimbio.com

Thanks for all the response on the giveaway! Maybe I'll do some more in the future, we'll see :) First I have to say that I had 17 comments on the post but two of them were the same person. So I let the random machine choose between 1 and 16. Just so you guys know ^^

The winner of the Elizabeth Hurley Beach giveaway is .... comment number 15 = Eveline ! Congrats, you'll get an email from me right about now!

April 21, 2011

Elizabeth in the Village

As you all know, some other bloggers and I had the chance to meet Elizabeth Hurley when she opened her beach hut in Maasmechelen Village. I was very excited to go and there I stood at 10.30 with my father and little brother (thanks for bringing me!) to get my press card for the day. We had until 11 o'clock to eat for free at The Food Maker and then it was time to cut the pink ribbon. Too bad for us, small bloggers, we had a lot of journalists in front of us. I did my best to take some shots and luckily I had some good ones! The Village also offered us lunch and of course we did some shopping! (window shopping for me, that is). At 3 o'clock there was a Q&A for the bloggers and there we were, with Elizabeth Hurley: Hugh Grant's ex, actress, model, mother of Damian Charles,... It was so nice to meet her! Thanks to Marie from Oona and of course to Maasmechelen Village for giving us that extra attention ^^

Does anybody know who she is? She looks so familiar but I can't remember who she is!
My eyes are closed... go figure
Don't forget to participate in the giveaway for a bikini by Elizabeth Hurley Beach! You have until tomorrow 22nd of April! Click here!

April 15, 2011

Elizabeth Hurley Beach (Giveaway)

On monday the 18th of april, I'll be attending the opening of Elizabeth Hurley's exclusive pop-up beach hut. I'll try to ask her a few questions about her clothing line when she'll help the customers herself! The store will be located in Maasmechelen Village, which is close to the Netherlands, but still in our tiny Belgium

Elizabeth Hurley beach offers pieces of swimwear such as bikinis, one pieces and tankinis that you can combine with offshore items such as kaftans/tunics, pants, dresses and so on... To make the whole beach look complete, Elizabeth thought of accessories: jewelry, sarongs, hats, bags and towels! That's not where it all ends though... For those tiny cravings at the beach, Hurley thought of guilt free snacks: fruit bars, oat bars and beef jerky. The snacks are all organic and some of the ingredients even come from Elizabeth's own organic farm in Gloucestershire.

But now YOU come in! I have the honor to organise a small giveaway! The winner will receive a voucher to shop at Elizabeth Hurley beach! 

What do you have to do?

1. Live in Belgium or live close to Maasmechelen.
2. Become a fan of The Fashion Folio on facebook and/or twitter.
3. Give an original answer to the following question in a comment (include your email address):

"Why should you have to win a piece of swimwear by Elizabeth Hurley and which one would you pick?"

(see the collection here: Elizabeth Hurley Beach)

The winner of the giveaway will be announced on saturday the 23rd!


P.S. You can leave a comment in english, dutch or french!

April 8, 2011

Do it like a dude

As of today, there will be something new on The Fashion Folio. I used to make a top 3 of blog posts every first tuesday of the month... That will change to every first friday and the second friday of the month, there will be this particular segment: 'Do it like a dude'. It will be all about the boys: from outfits, to products... and so on! I thought it was nice to give the boys a little more attention ^^
1. Zara Derby Boat Shoe, €49.95
2. Topman Leon Boat Shoe, £28
3. Vans Canvas Zapato Del Barco, €46
4. Converse Black Flag Boat Shoe, €40
I must admit I have a thing for these boat shoes. They look so comfortable, but yet a bit classy with the laces. My boyfriend should really buy and wear these, but I'm afraid he won't like them. I hope you guys (and girls) do! Anyways..
 this was kind of a quick post, because I have to hurry to go to Breda, where I will get my iphone fixed! Next time, a bigger post!

April 3, 2011

Fashion Against AIDS

Everyone who shops at H&M might come by a certain collection once a year: the Fashion Against Aids collection in collaboration with Designers Against Aids. Last year they had the festival collection, which was quite pretty. Too bad I couldn't get my hands on a piece, but this year's going to be different.

The collection consists of pastel colors with some bright popping touches like orange. All the garments looked very comfortable and yet very wearable. At first, it didn't cross my mind that this was a unisex collection (very stupid of me) but now that I've taken a closer look and read the press release more carefully I get the picture!

Ninette Murk, founder and creative director, DAA

Here are some of the items I'd like to buy when the collection launches worldwide on april 26th:




April 2, 2011

New York Color

The presentation for the make-up brand New York Color was something very special and I'm so happy that Stéphanie took me with her! We got to park the car in an underground parking lot and then we got picked up by this old NY cab! Isn't that just amazing? The fancy cab driver took us to a burger restaurant called 'Burgerij' but unfortunately we had missed the presentation already... But that didn't take away the yummy meal we got: a big smokey bacon burger!

Stéphanie's eyes crossed mine a couple of times and they were saying: OMG, I can't eat the whole thing! Haha, it was actually kind of funny! The big burger wasn't all gone, but we were so full already! But then some delicious brownies came... We just couldn't resist! After that we finally got up and looked at what NYC had to offer...


New York Color was founded in 1999 and the American brand stood for innovativeness and quality and it really shook up the world of budget cosmetics. The colors and packaging are all in theme of the city that never sleeps, a.k.a. New York! These products will be in about 70 Kruidvat stores here in Belgium and will be sold for some crazy prices such as €2.99 for some nailpolish! I LIKE!

April 1, 2011

Mad about Madden

The rising fashion city of Antwerp is a shop richer again... Last year the British store River Island joined the shopping street, but now it's America's turn. They bring us, drumrolls please, Steve Madden! A store full of shoes, a few bags and some jewellery. Affordable fashion? You got that right! 

 From platform heels to motorcycle boots and back to some sunny sandals. Add some Belgian celebrities, fashionable people and last but most definitely not least: us, bloggers! We got spoiled by lovely ladies wearing killer Madden heels: cosmopolitans, yummy snacks and all of a sudden a pink enveloppe...

Picture by Krizia followed by Stéphanie, me, Cindy, Hanne and Kim

Sometimes, it's really fun to be a blogger! It came as such a surprise when they said we could choose a pair! I'd like to thank the Pravda PR agency and my lovely Tiany Kiriloff for the evening! But the evening wouldn't be the same without all the lovely ladies a.k.a. bloggers in my presence! 

Ann Lemmens: celebrity, Steve Madden fan and ambassadress
Jeroen Van Dyck and Nathalie Meskens
Picture by Kim followed by another Kim!
These beauties?
Or these cute babies?
Tiany's beautiful Steve Maddens