August 30, 2010

A few more things

A few new buys, except for my new vintage jeans from Urban Outfitters (they fit perfectly!)... I'll show them in another post more clearly, but this was kind of a sneak peek! These were the last things I could buy in Belgium, because I had to save money to spend on holiday!

This time, next week, I'll be sitting/sleeping on a plane heading to Abu-Dhabi for a stop-over. Then next stop: Manila, Philippines for 3 weeks!

To all my PINOY and PINAY readers: I'm going to the Philippines for 3 weeks and I'll be visiting Manila, Bicol, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol. If you have any suggestions about places to shop or visit... Let me know!!!

August 27, 2010

One year

The Fashion Folio is one year!

I don't know the exact date but one of the first posts was on the 28th of august 2009...

Thanks to all my readers (the next post is for you guys!)

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One cup at a time

A hype or not?

August 24, 2010

Baby I can feel your halo. Pray it won't fade away

Hey you guys :)

First of all: sorry for abandoning my blog for a few days...
Second of all: this is not a fashion related post, so sorry (again)
And last but not least: sorry that the pictures aren't all the same size and have spots on them.

August 21, 2010


My all time favourite designer bags from top to bottom:
Mulberry Alexa
Chloé Marcie
Sasha by Marc Jacobs
Miu Miu Vitello
Rocco by Alexander Wang

all pictures via Google

August 20, 2010


Hey you guys! 

Okay, so I'm a big fan of Before/After kind of things, so I did one myself... to my room! Please don't freak out when you see how it was before, because I have school to blame for that. Oh yeah, the pictures are from the beginning of summer. So it's been like the 'after' pictures for a while now ;) 

August 19, 2010

DESIGNERS above The Corner Shop

Hey you guys :)

Everyone who's following me on twitter and who have read my tweets today, knew I was meeting fellow blogger Elena Vasilieva today! I went to Brussels and searched for the atelier where she and Aurore Brun make and sell their clothes. It was A-mazing! I really enjoyed talking to them and got to know them and their style better. 

August 17, 2010

Blogosphère Belge

Hi to everyone out there!
When Zoi gave me this link, I was really smiling until it hurt! I'm really happy to be on the Elle website and to be named one of the top Belgian bloggers... Check it out here! In october, something exciting will take place! But I'll keep you posted, of course. 

So keep visiting The Fashion Folio and tell all your friends about it :) You can also follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin' and via Google in the left sidebar.

Thanks to all my readers!

P.S. Thanks to 'And now I want it' for following!

August 16, 2010

Pura López

Hey you !

Last week, my cousin and I went shopping in Brussels and I bought an amazing pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs heels, which I'll show you in the next post! But I also discovered an amazing brand called "Pura López"...

August 12, 2010

Be In Style

A couple of days ago ... I received an email from Briana who had this amazing news for me. She's from a website called 'Become' which has a blog called 'Be In Style'. They thought my blog was 'excellent' and vice versa! 

For this, I received a Style Award which you can find in the left sidebar. I was really excited to receive that email and the award! Thanks again to the Be In Style team for rewarding me with it :)!!!

P.S. A lot of new blogs in the blog roll! 

Some things ...

Hey you!

This post is about an outfit that I absolutely LOVE and it is composed out of different things! Click on the read more button to find out :)

August 9, 2010

Any questions?

Hi there! I was working on my blog design a bit... And I had the urge to work with colours... So here it is: the address you can all contact me with, in summery colours ! Don't hesitate... Just click one of the images above and it directly opens a new email for you to send me :)