July 30, 2011

I miss London

You've already seen (and liked) my London buys, but I didn't get the chance to show you some pictures I took during my stay there... I was thinking about what to post today and since my small movie of the private F21 event isn't ready yet, I browsed to my files full of pictures. I found these ones from LDN and that's when I realised I miss the city! The food - fish & chips, the shops - Topshop and Kurt Geiger, the cosy areas to walk around - Covent Garden, the people...  So far I can say I'm definitely going back! Any tips?

July 27, 2011

76 Mahogany

Just a few detail shots of an outfit I didn't end up wearing to a pool party after all - due to hot weather. I do love it because it's so simple and comfy - my trademarks, haha - and very versatile. You can wear it to go to a friend's house, go shopping, grab lunch and so on! Anyhow... the title refers to the - back then - color of my hair. Why back then and not now? Well, you tell me! The first week after dying my hair, the color remains intact and the way I want it: as red/purple as it can be. But afterwards it just fades... People tell me it still looks a bit reddish, but sorry guys, I really don't see it! I'm back to the orangy/brown hair :/ The only solution I can come up with is dying it over and over again, which will cost me a fortune! But oh well, you got to spend money if you want to look good...

I'm wearing an H&M short, Silence+Noise blouse, Vintage shoes that I received from my cousin, Primark bag

July 25, 2011


Zara pointy heels that I finally found in the right size / Two packs of nail polish by H&M, I don't really recommend them but love the colors though / A Zara jumper which reminds me of an Isabel Marant one. Thinking about getting it in blue as well / The Monki hat that I bought during my 5 hour stay in Amsterdam for FW

July 24, 2011

How to fold a Carré: my favorites

In the previous post you could already see a preview of what the Veritas and Belmodo project was all about. In this post I'm showing you what we did almost all day: folding scarves! It was a fun experience and now I know the basic folding by heart. I'm showing you my favorites from the whole day, so you'll also see Axelle in the videos! I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me! Who knew you could do so much with just a scarve? Enjoy!

These are just five ways to wear a Carré, but check out the Veritas website for more!

July 21, 2011

My Carré by Veritas and Belmodo.tv

Here's already a small preview of a little project I did with Belmodo.tv, Veritas and my partner in crime Axelle! It involved waking up early, chitchatting in Axelle's cool car and of course playing around with some Carré scarves. You know, the Hermès inspired scarves? We had to shoot videos of different ways to wear them - which has been so inspiring - and we also did some shots where we literally played around with the scarves and just had fun as two friends. Yes, Axelle and I have became friends! You have no idea how happy that makes me, now the french and dutch speaking bloggers will finally have to connect someway or another :D Anyways, here are some pictures and two videos. One is made by Axelle herself and she did some backstage shooting, nice job girl! And the other one is already an official one! This was the second part of our day and the DIY part will be online and in stores tomorrow! How exciting!!! Let me know if you see me somewhere ^^ 

July 18, 2011

I met Frank at AIFW

Saturday was one busy day for me! I got up at 9 and decided whether I'd actually go to Amsterdam to see only one show at Fashion Week. My tweet got a few reactions that were telling me to hurry my ass over to Amsterdam. I didn't regret it one bit. The only sad part of the whole day was that I had to eat a pizza all by myself before leaving back to Belgium. Anyways, I arrived in Amsterdam at about one o'clock, did a quick tour around the shops - Monki was my goal - and hurried back to the central station to catch the bus to Westergasfabriek a.k.a. the place to be! After a billion of raindrops that had fallen on my head and clothes and shoes and ... do you get the picture? - I finally arrived where I needed to be. The show I was attending was quite a surprise for everyone... I sat front row with a goodie bag waiting there for me ^^ The show started and halfway through, I was thinking: 'Huh, this collection is so wearable and not the FW style I expected? There's something up!' Well, there actually was. The inexpensive brand Zeeman pulled a stunt on all of us. Its vision is quite clear: 'Looking good doesn't have to be expensive'. Some of the pieces weren't really my thing, but I loved the big dresses! Also loved the popping colors in the accessories the models were sporting! It was a quick show, but I don't regret it a bit. I hope I can attend AIFW again next time.

Big thanks to COZ Related Marketing for inviting me!

All pictures taken by me for The Fashion Folio

You can see me at around 2:05 with my new Monki hat ^^

July 13, 2011

Peace all over the place

Another outfit for Project Blogway, with the current festivals in mind. I went a bit colorful on this one, but I quite like the result! Gotta run now, as in literally... Going for a jog with my mom ^^ Enjoy your friday!

I'm wearing a vintage scarf, tank by See by Chloé, shorts by H&M, bag by Sasha, boots by Marc by Marc Jacobs, necklace by Asos, bracelets bought at Indonesian shop in Brussels, alligator ring by Topshop

July 10, 2011

Forever 21 Party

The Forever 21 cocktail party may be over for a few weeks now, but the fun has yet to begin! The Brussels store will open at the end of this month - July 30 - and that's when the real party starts! Can't wait to see what the American brand has to offer and definitely can't wait to party with my fellow bloggers again ^^ These are some shots of the party taken by me and the last two by the F21 photographers who were present that evening. There are two more beautiful pics of me and my girls, but they were too small to upload, but you can always go on The Fashion Folio's Facebook page to see them ^^