February 27, 2011

Leggings by Halé Bob

Halé Bob was started by Daniel Bohbot in Paris. When Daniel visited the City of Angels, he knew he had to launch his collection there and he aimed at the celebs as clientele. That worked out really well for Daniel, because celebs like Cindy Crawford, AnnaLynn McCord, Heidi Klum, Cameron Diaz and many more wear a lot of his pieces.
Halé Bob is not really my thing, but why am I sharing this with you then? The beige legging you see above is hanging in the store where I work every sunday. When I saw it, I was in love. It's so pretty and soft. I'm really into leggings like these lately. I used to have a period of wearing dresses only, but now I just want to own the most original and simple leggings. Halé Bob has what I'm looking for when it comes to the design but then there's the pricetag...


February 26, 2011

Filippa K store opening / Leuven

Leuven, 7 pm, the corner of Grote Markt and Brusselsestraat: a brand new Filippa K store. Yes, I was there and it was fun! The store was pretty and minimalistic, just like the Scandinavian brand itself. Navy stripes, nude colors, some pink and a touch of yellow... a perfect description of the collection in stores now.

Besides the clothes, there were some other things I enjoyed: the company I was in (Gilles and Kim), the beautiful Scandinavian design, meeting other bloggers like Kim, Hanne, Stéphanie and Pema, seeing some local celebs like Roel Vanderstukken, Erika Van Tielen, Showbiz Bart and Veronique Leysen.

February 20, 2011

QS by s.Oliver

Friday morning, the mailman woke me up to deliver a package: the s.Oliver Presskit. I didn't expect it to arrive at my doorstep, but I was happy. Especially when I discovered that s.Oliver has some collections that I actually like! I never turned around when seeing this brand, but the QS is okay for my opinion.

It's described as a rock 'n' roll movie in which the city is your playground. The favorite part of the day is the sunset, because that's when the vampires come out. Be careful... Are you scared? s.Oliver knows vampires are hot (Hello, Stefan Salvatore!), but those who wear this collection aren't afraid to wander around in the city at night... or maybe they are? This collection will draw everyone's attention with its popping colors and *not your everyday* shapes.

My favorite pieces? The whole men's collection and everything jeans when it comes to the girls. The army boots aren't that bad either. I really like this campaign, but I'm guessing you knew that by now. Keep visiting, because I might put another collection I like on the blog!

P.S. Thanks to Emily Choulaghians, Ana, Zoë, Mauranne Geenen and Helen vd N for following :) !

February 14, 2011

Par amour

A tout ces gens qui vivent par amour,
à tout ceux qui se perdent par amour,
à tous ces coeurs qui tiennent par amour,
à toutes ces femmes qui restent par amour,
à tous ces hommes qui se cachent par amour,
à toutes ces vies gâchées par amour,
à tous ces gens qui crèvent par amour
Et à tous ceux qui survivent par amour...

Picture taken by a loved one, under the sea, in the Philippine water

February 10, 2011

Swatch - The Lady Collection

Periods of wearing lots of jewelry come and go in my life, but when you start wearing a watch, you never really stop wearing one. Ever since I had my Triwa watch, it hasn't really left my wrist. And after all... time is really important! But I want some variation every now and then. This collection is probably a good replacement for the change every once in a while. The Lady Collection consists of ten very feminine (s)watches made out of trendy plastic. The silicone wristbands are slightly longer than the usuals, which means they go twice around the wrist. For me this makes this model very feminine, playful and fashionable. 

Not only the material is fun, but the colors really brighten your day: soft purple, yellow, peach, green, light blue, white, purple... Hard to choose from? You got that right! Luckily Swatch makes it easy for us. These beautiful watches are very affordable! They're about €38, which means you could actually buy three beauties for the price of one (I totally would!).Seriously girls, out of these colors, you actually like every one of them, don't you? Because I was chosing my favorite one and I ended up with five favorites and then I discovered I wouldn't mind having them all. They're very easy to combine with every garment and some of the colors can even be worn in autumn (but that's just my opinion).
As you might have guessed already, the five beauties above are my favorite ones. Not your everyday black and whites colors, but popping, lovely, girly colors that are trendy at the moment. The first one is actually on its way right now! I can't wait to read the time with an army green thingy around my wrist, yay!

1. Green Trace
2. Limetta
3. Berry Sorbet
4. Honey Melon
5. Miss Cassis

February 4, 2011

13th of February 2011

1. Mini Rex Sewing Machine - €30 ?
2. Chanel Rouge Coco - €29
3. Apple Macbook - €999
4. ASOS PUMPKIN Suede Pointed Court Shoes - €61.54
5. YSL Arty Ring - €125
6. Chanel Crayon Kôhl- €17.34
7. Wreck This Journal by Keri Smith - €11.99
8. Cambridge Satchel Company 14" Satchel - €128.20 (Asos)
9. Ydeltuyt Chunky Stone Ring - €8.95
10. Isabel Marant Sneakers- €480 ?
11. Which perfume to buy?
12. Always fun to have some new items in the closet!