January 28, 2010

La Main Perrier

The new Perrier adverds in France are quite original these days! In 1970 they did a campaign but it was censored at that time and now the new one is based on that. There are both pictures and videos but they're in French! I live in Belgium and can speak French so for me it's easy to understand and I must say: it's really funny !!! Take a look :)


The 1970's campaign

The Casting

The gym

The Strip-Tease

Once you go iPhone, can you go back?

Hi darlings!

It may be a question that is asked a lot but can you? I have my iPhone 3G for about a year now and I love it! It's comes in handy everytime except for the moments my baby breaks down. My bf hacked it  and now it's all weird and stuff... But there's one advantage: I can put a lot of themes and applications on it that you can't find on app store :) But now my dear phone is at my bf's because the poor thing was getting nuts! It shut down everytime I opened it... So can you imagine what a hard time I'm having without it? No, I'm kidding ;) But I do like it more than the stupid Samsung I'm using now...

But now Steve Jobs has another toy for us! The Apple iPad Tablet!

I will be the owner of this new baby... one day!

January 24, 2010

Fashion photography is not what is used to be!

I already told you that I was doing this paper on models. Well, I'm still writing about the history of fashion photography! Did you know how inspiring and interesting it was?! Well, I didn't but now I do! I want to learn so much more about it! I'll post some of my favourite pictures and fashion photographers soon!

Athur Elgort

January 18, 2010

Hey guys :)

I'm writing this paper about supermodels then and now and to introduce the subject I started writing about our beloved art: fashion photography! Here's a video about its history but it's in dutch.. Maybe some of you will like it ;)

January 13, 2010


Say whatever you like

but I do love these lace up booties

January 7, 2010

American Icons: Glamour Magazine: 70th Anniversary issue

She's so cute yet so hardcore: Alexis Bledel
Rosie The Riveter

She ain't no ugly duckling: my sweet America Ferrera 
Dolores Huerta

Crash resist and a beauty: Hayden Panettiere 
Amelia Earhart

She would make an even hotter first lady: Alicia Keys
Michelle Obama

January 3, 2010

Christmas equals gifts

I got my christmas present from my boyfriend today! They're these amazing vintage boots that really come in handy with this stupid weather :( And again: pictures taken with my iPhone 3G and really bad quality.. But it's my birthday soon (13/02) and then I'll get my pro camera!


January 2, 2010

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Thanks to Miroslava Duma, I'm officially a fan of oversized (typical) Hermès bags! They're classy yet stylish and really fashionable! Miroshka has thousands of them and she wears them with everything: I like it!

Miroslava Duma

Omg! My sister had told me about the young editor of Harpers Bazaar Russia and now she showed me the tiny goddess of fashion! She's only 24 years old and ALREADY a fashion editor!  And her style.... OMG: gorgeous, cute, sexy, trendy: she gives style to the outfits and not the other way around!