May 30, 2011

Stiletto Run - Hasselt

(picture by Gilles)
(picture by Gilles)

It's over, the moment we've all been waiting for: the one and only Stiletto Run in Hasselt! I might have started a bit crazy and surprised (we made a pact to start slow :p) but I managed to pass Krizia and Farah and get to the finish line as the 3rd blogger! I think I did pretty well. My feet were burning afterwards and my lungs were quite exhausted too. But oh well, I had a blast with my fellow bloggers/friends! Hanan won the competition and Kim finished second. Kim from Brunette Blogging on the other hand managed to finish in style. No, she didn't fall, she just walked after a few meters! Haha, how I love every single one of them <3

From left to right: Farah, Kim, Krizia, Kim, Me and Hanan (picture by Gilles)
Oh my lovely Kim <3
"Stretching is a must girls!' (picture by Gilles)
'Keep going! Good work, Kim!' (picture by Gilles)
Getting interviewed by Angelique from (picture by Gilles)
Off we go! (picture by Gilles)
A small stop-motion film of our running skills hahaha :D

There was also the big Stiletto Run in which everyone could participate. I couldn't leave them out of this post, now could I? The one holding the big cheque worth €1500 is the number one winner of the big run! Second came the one with the €250 cheque (sorry, I don't know their names). There was also the price for Best Dressed and the lady with the Carrie - Galliano like dress deserved it of course. She'd put a lot of effort in it and I have to admit that's it quite smart! She went home with a cheque for a bag by Michaël Verheyden worth €500. And let's not forget Hanan, who won a price offered by New Look: free shoes for one year

May 28, 2011


Sports bra by Jeremy Scott for Adidas, Top by Stella McCartney for Adidas, Nike Free Run+ running shoes, Polyester shorts by Stella McCartney for Adidas, Star Ear Bud by Marc by Marc Jacobs
For those of you who follow my Belgian blogger friends may already know what we are up to this sunday. Tiany and the whole team asked us to join them in Hasselt for the Stiletto Run! There's the big run for every single on of you girls out there, but for us bloggers, they've organised a smaller one. We will be running in a group of about 7 fashionable bloggers, all eager to win! You'll probably ask yourself: Who's participating? Well... I will be running together with Kim, Krizia, Kim, Farah & Hanan and Kim!

A year ago, I started with Start to Run, a kind of podcast with music and the voice of Evy Gruyaert giving you more motivation to just keep on running. I finished the whole podcast (27 lessons) and then I started with Keep Running, which takes everything just a bit further. As the days became shorter, I didn't have the courage to go running anymore so I stopped... But good news, I started again and I feel better again! These two outfits are more fashionable than they are sporty, but who cares? I want to take fashion with me, everywhere I go! This sunday will by slightly different. I have to wear stilettos in stead of real running shoes! Keep your fingers crossed for me (so that I win and don't fall down, haha).

Striped tank top by Stella McCartney for Adidas, Nike rebel women's sports bra, Nike free TR fit training shoe, Soft denim dolphin shorts, Marc by Marc Jacobs headphones

May 24, 2011

London buys

These pictures tell a story... the story of how it all began. What began?! The love for the Pippin ankle boots, of course. Topshop was finally in the Belgian concept stores and I went for a quick look. There I was... amazed by all the Topshop clothes, shoes and accessories. But one pair got stuck in my mind like the first time I saw my current boyfriend (Love you babe ^^). I wanted them. I needed them. I was going to buy them. Oh no, wait a second. They were too expensive and there I was... my fairytale fell into severel pieces. Luckily for me, I got to go to London with my sister and some of her friends. I knew I would be reunited with my beauties at one moment. I had looked up in which stores they were still in stock. And yesssssss, the Topshop store in Oxford Street still had my babies. I walked in, almost fainted, took the escalator to -2 (shoe paradise in Topshop language) and hunted those ankle boots down! But no luck? I couldn't find them anywhere. I almost gave up hope but then I thought it never hurt to ask. My words: 'I'm looking for the Pippin Ankle Boots!' The sales girl: 'In grey?' Me: 'Uhm... yeah okay' (I wanted them in black!). Five minutes later she came back with a pair of size 37 in BLACK! Yay for me!  

Conclusion? I wanted them, I needed them, I was going to buy them!

You guys knew I wanted loafers, right? I actually found these Aldo loafers by coincidence. They were in sale and I couldn't resist. Love them? Of course you do! The MBMJ necklace was only £5 and I couldn't resist either, hihi! And oh yes... the ring! I couldn't leave it behind, now could I? It was the only one left!

May 23, 2011

London sneak peek

A little sneak peek from my trip to London! I'm busy the next two days but I promise I will update asap! I didn't buy a lot but I'm quite happy with my purchases. I think you can guess what's in the Topshop box?

May 20, 2011

London Calling

A week after friday the 13th I'm back with some good news (not that the other news wasn't good but you know what I mean). I'm leaving for London in the morning and I'm pretty excited about it. It'll be the first time I visit the largest metropolitan city in the UK! I've asked some of my fellow fashion peeps about some good shopping tips and I've got a few. But to be honest: I think I'll only buy some Topshop and maybe some vintage in Notting Hill! Or maybe I might stop by Urban Outfitters to buy that awesome 'Hangover' tee that Betty has got (my boyfriend said I had to buy it... reason enough?). Oh well... Here's a wish list of things I would want to buy. The absolute number one thing? The Pippin ankle boots but then in black. The sunglasses case would come in very handy since my Ray-Ban case is completely ruined. A ring never does any harm and I would by the Stars and Stripes running shorts with the excuse: 'I'll run in it!' - No, I won't. I'm also in search of some loafers but the pink monk shoes will do as well. Things I haven't put on the list? Well... a thousand pounds maybe? No, just kidding. A jeans and a pastel colored shirt have been on my mind as well. We'll have to see with what I come back. I'll let you know for sure!

May 15, 2011

Murielle, Jeremy and Karl

It was Friday the 13th and I honestly thought something would happen to me. Why? Because luck isn't always on my side and my birthday is on a 13th every year (no idea what that has to do with it, but oh well...). This time was different! Maybe because I had my lucky charm a.k.a. my classmate and good friend Marijke with me? Yep, I'm sure that did the trick! Because a day with her never seems to go wrong. Anyways, we went to Gent with one goal: steal away all the beautiful things at La Fille d'O! And we kind of did. I bought this beautiful 'Satine Noire' bra and Marijke bought the most awesome Unicorn boots and something sexy which will remain secret on this blog ^-^ Afterwards we went for some more shopping. You guys might not know it, but Marijke is an expert at sales shopping... she did her job and look what she found for me! A hugeeeee Jeremy Scott for Adidas shirt and an awesome Karl Lagerfeld tee. Both are for guys, but what do I care? I have an excellent idea to shoot an outfit post with the Adidas shirt. I hope I can call up my 'photographer' and schedule, haha. See you soon!

May 13, 2011

Do it like a dude

Levi's - UPR

The press days are over and we're back to the second friday of the month. Blogger seemed to have some trouble today but I actually didn't notice anything at all (might have been because I was not home all day). Today I'll give you guys an overview of what I saw and liked at the press days in Brussels and Antwerp. It consists of collection for next autumn and winter and I must say that there's not that big of a difference. Jeans is hip as usual, paired with some good old Vans sneakers (also a picture of the boat shoes included!) or some military boots of course. Put maybe you guys should try out some other fancy shmancy shoes? Anyways... I'll show you a few pieces of the next Superdry collection, which is very popular for boys when I look around. The lumberjack shirt doesn't seem to go away but don't get me wrong: I like it! And what I, personally, like on top of that is good old knitted sweater with those prints on the sleeves! But what else do boys need to be stylish in those cold winter days? That's right... scarves! You get yourself one boys because when you live in Belgium, you'll definitely need it.

Vans - Oona
Vans - Oona
Superdry - SUMO PR
Superdry - SUMO PR
Lee - Listen Up
Nike - Pravda
Superdry - SUMO PR
Tommy Hilfiger - UPR
Alexander McQueen for Puma - UPR
Superdry - SUMO PR
I think it was Café Costume ? - Oona
Diesel - Tan-Dem
Hugo Boss - UPR
R8 on the parking in Strantwerpen... What.A.Car :|

May 9, 2011

Alice Avery

Hey guys! It's been a few days and it's kind of late right now but I wanted to give you guys something to read tomorrow (or now, haha). A few weeks ago I received an email with the question if I would want to style an upcoming Belgian talent in the music industry. Her name? Alice Avery! She participates in Hands Up For Fresh Talent, a contest where 3 bands or performers get the chance to perform at a huge festival here in Belgium. If they win, of course ;) I got to style the pretty Alice for her concert in Leuven. She chose two of my favorite outfits and she was going to wear one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Unfortunately the evening concert got cancelled and the one in the afternoon got moved from 12 to 2 o'clock. I couldn't be there to style her due to school. So I let her do the styling with the clothes I brought to Leuven. Here's the result!

In the H&M showroom deciding which outfits to take
Earrings, top and shorts by H&M, boots by Alice
Isabelle Lenfant bracelet, H&M shorts
H&M shorts and bracelets

It didn't exactly turn out like on the pictures and how I wanted it to be but that's maybe because I wasn't there myself. So sad she couldn't wear the leather shorts I gave her because I think that was my ultimate favorite outfit after all ^^ You can vote for Alice through this Facebook page!