March 25, 2010

Roman Holiday

Hi everyone!

I'm leaving for Rome in a couple of hours, I won't be blogging and I'll miss it! But there will be a lot of pictures after!!!

Ciao bellas <3

March 21, 2010

that 70s party


Shorts - Vintage; Tank top, scarf & tights - H&M; Cardigan - AA; Bracelet - Stills; House necklace - Alexi Andriotti; Shoes - Footwork

Shopping in  Antwerp: jeans shirt, joggings, gym shorts, samsonite bag for DSLR camera


Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs; Harem pants, necklace & bracelet - Stills;  Tank top - H&M; Blazer - Zara; Shoes - New look

Hey you guys! This past friday was a 'party' at my school where bands & dj's could play. I had to work there for 1u30 and then I enjoyed the bands that were playing raggae and rock. The pictures are a bit weird because they're taken unexpectedly :) I'm really in love with my new harem pants (thanks mum <3)

March 17, 2010

Baby baby baby

Hello dear readers !
Happy St. Patrick's Day to some of you?! As you can see: I've got a new gadget! And I'm really in love with it. I call her: Baby 3 (baby 1 = bf, baby 2 = iphone)! It's a Nikon D3000 with a 18-105mm VR lens <3 

I'm really in the first stage of photography and I think it's going to be a very interesting hobby! At least I hope so ^^ I'll keep you guys posted, ofc!

 Enjoy the rest of the evening, xoxo

P.S. My nails have grown, sunday: new color (I'll post a pic)

Love it like a polaroid picture

Hey Ya!