June 2, 2011

Lots and lots of Kirilove

It has been exactly a week since Tiany Kiriloff shared her Kirilove collection for Vero Moda with us. The collection has been on my mind ever since. After a year of moodboards, travelling to Copenhagen, trying on clothes, posing for the camera and so on... this Belgian fashion journalist and stylist finally made her dream come true. The collection consists of four outfits for autumn/winter that every girl should definitely wear. Describing the collection would be the same as describing the amazing woman behind it: gorgeous, warming, down to earth, colorful, feminine and all of that with an ethnic touch on top!

For those of you who have no clue about what Vero Moda is, here's a small explanation: Vero Moda is one of the Bestseller brands that is founded in Denmark after the idea to creat top quality clothing. It has enormous succes in Scandinavian countries, our neighbours Germany and the Netherlands and of course Belgium. Tiany Kiriloff was obviously the best choice Vero Moda could have made. She knows everything about the fashion world and that's why she's well known in our tiny country! But the beautiful Tiany manages to stay down to earth whatsoever. I'm truly amazed by everything she does and okay, I'll admit it... this post is not only to show you her new collection, it's also to tell you and Tiany herself that she's quite a role model. Not only for me, as a (hopefully) fashion journalist to be, but also for every single fashion loving girl out there! Oh and check the pictures below to see how the future Kiriloffs look like = adorable!


Pieter said...

Ik vind het echt een mooie collectie!


Imelda said...

De collectie is inderdaad prachtig, net zoals Tiany herself!
Voor mij is ze ook een bron van inspiratie, een echt rolmodel zoals je zelf zegt!

Supertof artikelt, heel leuk geschreven!

Liesbeth said...

Ik wil zoooo graag die roze blazer en die mooie veterschoenen! Jammer dat het nog zo lang wachten is ;-) Vast om de spanning op te bouwen but I'm dying here!


Anonymous said...

Leuk verslag!!!
Het was inderdaad een heel leuke namiddag!

Ik vond het vooral sympathiek dat ze zei dat het iedereen kan overkomen!

x. christin

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Zo leuk! Echt een mooie collectie!