June 10, 2011

Do it like a dude at H&M Man

Dear boys, we'll never forgive you for taking away our beautiful COS store, but hey... I guess you deserve at least one shop in the busy shopping street ;)! Yes, you guessed (and read) it right: there is a new store in la Rue neuve and it's not just any store. It's the 5th H&M store in the street and it's dedicated to all the men. I went to the opening to snap some shots as a preview, for those of you who haven't been there yet. The shop's design is still intact (COS did a great job) and that's what makes this a wonderful but peaceful place for you boys to look around and spend your money. It has three floors filled with t-shirts, jeans, shorts, hats, sunglasses, underwear,... and so on and so on! They also had  a range of evening clothes such as suits and a lot of ties! It's a definite must-go for guys who like H&M and don't really spend too much money on clothes.  

Like it already?

H&M Man
66 Rue Neuve, Bruxelles

Nieuwstraat 66, Brussel


www.glamourblog.tk said...

Lucky you dat je er geraakt bent! xxx

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Zag het ookal vorige week! Great concept!


Stiene S. said...

Looks nice!
Die hoedjes zijn leuk :D

Carlota said...

Zag het vorige week! Wel heel leuk. Maar echt wel jammer dat de COS weg is... Maarja :)

Imelda said...

Heel leuke foto's!
Wel jammer dat er een COS voor is moeten verdwijnen ipv 1 van de zovele H&M's in de nieuwstraat (just my opinion).

Mode Junkie said...

great pictures babe!! :D but you´re right, i´d rather have a COS than an H&M Man store. grrr..


Laura said...

SAY WHAAAAT? Is de COS in de Nieuwsstraat weg? What a shame :( Nu zal ik altijd naar Louisa moeten...