June 22, 2011

Antwerp fashion show: the hair

Hey guys! My exams are officially over and now I have the time to blog normally again ^^

Last weekend I got invited to go to the fashion show of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. It was held in a big hangar beside the docks. All pretty fashion people aside, there was also a backstage full of pretty collections and models, of course! Luckily the academy teamed up with L'Oréal Professionel Coiffure and Yves Saint Laurent make-up to give us, fashion lovers, an amazing result. Below some of the pictures involving the different hair styles and a bit of the make-up. Be sure to come back, because there are two more posts coming up about this event!

Loved the simplicity of the girls their hair, but yet some of them got a special touch like the two pictures above. I'd like to have a bun like theirs too :( The boys got to go all wild with their wax and gels for a very sexy, yet simple look. Anywats, I loved being in a place surrounded by fashion! Thanks to Sarah and L'Oréal, I had an amazing time!


Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Crazy hair!

Leuke foto's!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

looks like some amazing experience! So divers and so different! It is like taking fashion to an whole other level! I am not sure about the last hairstyles!!! Gives me an odd feeling. hope you had fun girl


I couldn't be there because of my exams... It's a shame :(
I love the wigs in the last picture!

Melvin Jonckers

SC said...

WOOHOOOO!! Sarah seems like a very very very sweet girl :) HAHA.

Chérie ... I miss us. And the show. And Tuan.



Stiene S. said...

Wow het masker van op de 7e foto :D en de vlecht vanop de 5de foto vind ik heel mooi.
Jammer dat ik niet kon gaan, zag er nochtans heel tof uit!

Bie M'as-tu vu said...

Zo leuk dat je backstage mocht! die dot op het voorhoofd - i 'm a fan lol :) zalk proberen in elkaar te knutselen voor de F21 party - see you there?

Carlota said...

Knap werk zit er tussen!! Leuke foto's xx