June 3, 2011

Top 3 blog posts of May

Here you go: my top 3 blog posts of May. I've been so busy with school - finishing my portfolio, preparing a french debate, learning over 1000 english words - and helping my boyfriend with his school work that I've kind of neglected my blog and you guys. So so sooooo sorry! I actually have a lot of things to post, but I'm busy again - exams... But I'll definitely do my best, just for you ^^

N°1: Belmodo.tv - Blog to watch: The Fashion Folio

Blog to watch: The Fashion Folio
I wanted to post this already a long time ago but I thought this was something approriate for this special post ^^ This post on Belmodo.tv came as such a surprise and I was sooooo happy! Patricia immediately apologised for writing the article quickly but for me it was just perfect! To be on a fashion platform such as Belmodo is quite an honour for me as a small blogger (literally haha). You might already know that I'm currently studying journalism and I want to end up in Fashion Journalism. It would be even more of an honour if I could do my internship at Belmodo. I already know I'm gonna have a blast!

N°2: Le Blog de Betty: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
I know, I know... I've put Betty in my top 3 already even though I told myself not to do such a thing. But I couldn't help it. This t-shirt is just so awesome and I immediately showed it to my boyfriend, also a big fan of The Hangover movie! He literally said: 'Omg, you have to buy that!' Isn't that my cue to actually buy it? Haha, I took that as a hint ^^ I went to the Urban Outfitters in London but they had never heard of the existence of the shirt before. Quite a big bummer if you ask me! So I went on Betty's blog again and I read the comments. Silly me... the t-shirt was only available on U.S. online shops. Too bad for me, but oh so lucky Betty.

N°3: Ring My Bell: Kimono


I discovered this blog a long time ago, but totally lost track of it. Until a week ago, when I suddenly ended up on the blog again. I asked my boyfriend: 'Don't you think she looks familiar?!' He couldn't recall knowing her so I went on with my life, haha. Until two days ago. My sister asked me to give her the blog that had made a wish list with her Topshop shoes in it. I had no idea what she was talking about so I want to look for it in my browsing history. Luckily for my sister - and me - I found the blog = Ring My Bell. Ashley Madekwe is her name and after seeing a few pictures I suddenly banged my fist on my desk and yelled: 'EUREKA' - No, I actually said: 'I know where she's from!!!' She played Marissa in the - very short - serie The Beautiful Life. Very short as in two episodes! Well, that's my story of how my bell rang, hihi. I chose this outfit because I love the Kimono and her Litas!


Absolutely Mrs. K said...

you are amazing and next time i hope we can talk!! so i would love seeing you again!! love your fashion sense and of course your love for Marc!! have to check out Kimono because i don't know her! see this is what it is all about, spreading the love

Zoi said...

Way to go Afro!!!
Join the club, voor Eng en Fr ;)
Succes met de blok! Filia!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Betty live in France? :)How did she buy it from the US online shop then..?

Afrodite said...

Yes, I believe she does live in France and I also thought it was weird, but hey... she said it herself in the comments ;)!

Fashion Fabrice said...

haha zowizo next year again! alleen ga Ik zowizo op voorhand nog eens lopen want mijn conditie is CRAPPYYYYY:p
trouwens echt nice om in het rijtje te staan met betty & ring my bell:) Wij zijn echt 200% fan van fashion folio! love how you bring it Afrodite:)


Kate 100% Coton said...

Great ! I didn't know Kimono.

[Virginie Peny] said...

How great! Love that links, specially Betty's blog of course- i'm french ; )

Virginie/ Couture & DIY

Suzanne said...

On a side note: those chairs are amazing <3