June 28, 2011

Antwerp fashion show: the people

Hey there! I know, I know... It's been a few days since my last post. Can you please forgive me for having to work and enjoying the one and only day of sun ^^ ? Here's another post about the fashion show I attented like two weeks ago in Antwerp. You have no idea how many pictures I still have to show you guys. I've actually got to shower and then hurry up to the boyfriend to wake him up - we're going shopping for him, yaaay! So here's a quickie: the people at the party! I'm was quite thrilled... You'll understand why ^^

1. Models dancing at the end of the show
2. Sarah, the lovely L'Oréal intern, fellow blogger and a new friend ^^
3. Tuan taking pictures of a fashionable German couple
4. The German couple
5. Me with Diane Pernet - oh yes, baby!
6. Sarah, Tuan and I and the one and only Walter Van Beirendonck!
7. Our lovely blogging team - we should meet up again, in Germany perhaps?




Brunette Blogging said...

I forgive you & I understand :) Have fun shopping & nice post :D

Kate 100% Coton said...

Trop trop bien !

Pieter said...

Diane Pernet! :D
Love her.

Leuke foto's! x

Tuan Ng. said...

Honey.... that was the best ever i have made in Antwerp... i could never forget it :* missing u guys

and can i take one of ur pic??? with the german guys^^ i lost all the pics of them two... :(

ur Tuan Ng.

www.glamour-blog.com said...

Leuke foto's girl!


Urghhh! I wanted to be there soo bad! :(
Watchingthese pictures is killing me.. But hey, looks like you had fun so I'm happy for you ;) And now atleast I know how it was like to be there, all thanks to you...

Melvin Jonckers