January 5, 2011

Top 3 blog post of December

Style. That's what this blogger has! Not only fashion-wise, but man... can she draw or what?! I wouldn't mind if she'd show her outfits by drawing herself in them. And I absolutely want to get my hands on her book 'Serial Shoppeuse'. This post is a recap of her life in 2011: her gorgeous outfits, meeting Theo and Adam from Hurts and the signing of her own book! I wouldn't mind living her life, in the beautiful city of love: Paris! This blog is definitely one to look out for! It's much more different than the other ones. Not only because of her impeccable manga drawing, but also because she writes much more than what she's wearing in the post. I'm not really sure what her real name is though... Is it Tokyobanhbao? That would be so cool! Now, what you guys have to do is read my whole post and then hurry up, click on her website and enjoy!

And yes... another recap of 2011. But what the heck?! Can you blame me? Denni's so gorgeous in all of these pictures! I just couldn't leave her out. I saw this post and I was literally with my mouth open (wow, that sounds so gross). That's when I realised that girl is not far from perfect. Okay, she has a bit more modelling talent than other bloggers and she's friends with Anna Dello Russo and.... Okay, do you get what I mean? Her life is like every girl's dream. Her style is more than beautiful, edgy, classic... I don't really know what words to use for her. But I know that she's going to make it in the fashion industry. She has the connections (Anna, Carine Roitfeld) and she has already met Marc Jacobs (that's big, no?!) and she has a sense of style! Yep, she's the next big editor in big fashion magazine, for sure!

I could have chosen another 2011 recap, but that would bore you guys so much. So I've chosen something else, an outfit I like! This blog might be my sister's favorite one. And sure, I visit it also every once in a while. I don't blame my sister for loving this blog and the girl behind it. She's gorgeous and so is her closet. This outfit might be strange to most people but I like it a lot. Olivia chose the right colors to mix and match and gave this outfit the boost she needed while christmas shopping in the rain. I would describe it as cosy yet fashionable with a cute twist (the knee high socks and her lovely face). The hairdo suits her, even though she only tried it out and changed it back immediately. What do you guys think... Isn't she pretty?

P.S. Thanks to Panda_Diary for following!

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Iris said...

I like it!
And the three blogs are fabulous indeed!