January 7, 2011

Alt follows Roitfeld

I don't really read French Vogue but I thought I share the news with you guys. Emmanuelle Alt is replacing Carine Roitfeld as the Vogue Paris editor in chief, after having had the position of fashion editor for 10 years. Roitfeld had held the position from January 2001 until now. Alt wil be replacing her as of the first February.

I love her style but to be honest, I don't really know that much about her. Neither did I of Carine Roitfeld. I just know they're two beautiful women with a very great sense of style. And I'd so want their closet, of course! Emmanuelle seems like a very serious person but at least the devil wears Balmain!

All pictures via Google


Iris said...

I want their closet and their JOB!!!!

Nice work Afro :)

Mode Junkie said...

so glad that alt is the new EIC!! :) i love carine but i was always secretly team emmanuelle!
LOL on the devil wears balmain!!

xoxo Mode Junkie ♥