January 5, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Only in English

Everyone has them... resolutions for the new year. Some of you may have completed the list, others didn't really pay any more attention after having made them. I'll try my best to complete everything of this list but for some of them, I might need your help!

1. Get more chances to write about certain stuff = Get invites for certain events so that I can show how I write about certain things.
2. Get more than 100 followers on Facebook, Bloglovin' (right sidebar) and via Google Friend Connect (left sidebar)
3. Get more comments on each post.
4. Try to take more daily outfit posts (even though I'm dressed horribly sometimes).
5. Go to the gym more often (or at least go jogging 2 times a week!)
6. Find a weekend job that pays a lot so that I can save and buy more expensive items.
7. Write all my ideas down and make a blog post about it.
8. Meet up with other blogger friends to have fun and talk about life as a blogger!
9. Spend even more time with my boyfriend after being 3 years together <3
10. Go out and have lots of fun with my friends!
11. Make a lot of DIY! (so many ideas in my head right now)

Next year, this list will include 'Getting into a Fashion Week'. But we'll see what the future brings me. 

So now...


Mila said...

Cool blog and great NY decisions.

Imelda said...

Geweldige voornemens! Mijn zijn een beetje dezelfde als die van jou :)
Nog een laat gelukkig nieuwjaar gewenst!

Immi said...

ik kan je helpen met de comments, fanpage en meet-up! Tot na de examens, A-Trev! xoxo

WendyB said...

That illustration is highlarious.