January 9, 2011

Looking forward

Tomorrow is my first exam in college: photography and art trends/styles. I think I know everything, so just hold your fingers crossed! In this time of the year, I study really hard but I always have things to look forward to for after this shitty, not fashionable at all period...

1. My 19th birthday: 13/02/2011

Fingers crossed for this event again. Last year it wasn't that pleasant: my stomach hurt at the party (had to leave early), their was nothing to do on the day itself and I had a car crash the day after. But that's not the end of the world! I have my whole life ahead of me and this year I just won't eat a lot of spaghetti before the party and I'll do fun stuff! That's for sure!

2. Make business cards
I've been planning to do this a long time. Everytime I go to an event, people ask me if I have one. Well, the answer will be 'yes, here you go!' soon! I've made a few designs with the bf already and I know how I want it to be: simple but pretty. Below is one of my favorite business cards, I really love the idea! 

3. Read books I bought 
I'm not really a book type of girl, except if they are related to anything fashion. I've bought several books in the Philippines which I've been planning to read for a while now... I guess I'll have to start doing so!

4. DIY-projects
As you can see above, I'm very interested in DIY fashion. I always wanted to do some of my own and I would so love to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. A few days ago, I discovered a blogger which makes a lot of DIY stuff... I was so obsessed by her imitation of the Burberry zipper jacket, that I'm going to try it myself! 

5. Have fun!
Going out for a drink with my friends or really party hard at a club. I've missed it so much! It has been a while, even before all the studying! Not only am I planning to have fun by being with friends, drinking and laughing, but also by meeting bloggers, going to events! Everything that involves my blog is just so much fun!


Mon said...

I'm pretty sure your gonna do great with your resolutions, your blog is looking good!!!
Have a wonderful birthday!!


Tessa said...

wat wilt ge voor u verjaardag eigenlijk? btw, good luck babe

Anonymous said...

hey! nice article. what do you study? (i'm from belgium too) thanks for making me discover the blog for DIY stuff, it's great!
good luck on your exams !


Afrodite said...

I study Journalism in Mechelen. Where are you from, Anya?

Shanah said...

Die business card is wel origineel :)

Imelda said...

Inderdaad heel leuke dingen om aan te denken. Ik wens je heel veel succes met je examens!

Goh ik moet ook dringend eens visitekaartjes maken! Nu denk ik er weer aan :)

Kim said...

Hey, leuke blog heb je!
Uiteraard ken ik hem en ik vind het ook een boeiend filmpje, is leuk om hem aan het werk te zien! Zijn foto's zijn inderdaad wel subliem.
Ik vraag me ook af van waar je denkt mij te kennen :)


Kimberly said...

Hey, leuke blog Afrodite! Veel succes met je examens! Ik weet wat je doormaakt, ik zit nu in mijn 5de jaar op de universiteit in Gent en heb dus al examenperiodes genoeg meegemaakt :p !

xx Kimberly