January 28, 2011

Filippa K

Hi there! 

First of all... No more studying for me! I'm free for about two weeks and then school begins again and honestly? I can't wait! Because I kind of like what I'm studying (journalism) and I love my friends at school!

Okay, now the real business... I've been receiving some emails about Filippa K. Let's start with the return of the Angie Jeans. It's not really my style because I don't like jeans, but I'm not really into the shape and color either. But it's kind of important in the history of F.K. because it was their first iconic product in 1995. Back then, the designs, cuts and fabric directly corresponded to what people felt as modern and desirable in those days (UPR). 

Second newsflash I received: the new SS 2011 campaign.They were shot by the Swedish photographer Camilla Åkrans in the Swedish archipelago. Camilla has shot an editorial spread in the Vogue China February 2011 edition but H&M, Vogue Germany and Harper's Bazaar also made her list. The beautiful Filippa K clothes were worn by models Vincent Lacrocq and Katrin Thorman. Styling was done by Robert Rydberg, who has already done styling for H&M, Man About Town, Elle, Sisley and many more...

This is what Eva Boding, marketing director at Filippa K has to say:

"This season’s campaign is about bringing back the essence of Filippa K, the
Scandinavian heritage, the pure and simple style and an intimate feel. We felt there
was a perfect match between photographer Camilla Åkrans and top models Katrin
and Vincent along with the minimalistic vibe of the collection."

I can only agree with what Eva said! The simplicity of these shots attract me. We can't really see the clothes in details, but the models give me the feeling that those clothes are pretty and ready to wear. But what is a Scandinavian brand without minimalism? Nothing, right?! 

And then, last but not least: the Filippa K store opening in february! Can't wait to go and discover the whole collection in real life!

Some more pictures of this lovely collection:


mauranne said...

leuke blog ik volg je! en filippa K is zo'n mooi merk


Zoë said...

Afro darling!
Heb je de week van 7/2 nog vrij? Date?
Geniet van de vakantie! :)