April 1, 2011

Mad about Madden

The rising fashion city of Antwerp is a shop richer again... Last year the British store River Island joined the shopping street, but now it's America's turn. They bring us, drumrolls please, Steve Madden! A store full of shoes, a few bags and some jewellery. Affordable fashion? You got that right! 

 From platform heels to motorcycle boots and back to some sunny sandals. Add some Belgian celebrities, fashionable people and last but most definitely not least: us, bloggers! We got spoiled by lovely ladies wearing killer Madden heels: cosmopolitans, yummy snacks and all of a sudden a pink enveloppe...

Picture by Krizia followed by Stéphanie, me, Cindy, Hanne and Kim

Sometimes, it's really fun to be a blogger! It came as such a surprise when they said we could choose a pair! I'd like to thank the Pravda PR agency and my lovely Tiany Kiriloff for the evening! But the evening wouldn't be the same without all the lovely ladies a.k.a. bloggers in my presence! 

Ann Lemmens: celebrity, Steve Madden fan and ambassadress
Jeroen Van Dyck and Nathalie Meskens
Picture by Kim followed by another Kim!
These beauties?
Or these cute babies?
Tiany's beautiful Steve Maddens


Kim said...

Zooo moeilijk om te kiezen! Can't we have them all? :) Die met de strikjes zijn wat liever, de andere zijn meer "fierce", ik denk dat die meer voor jou zijn :) (volgens mijn bescheiden mening ;))


Krizia said...

Ik heb geen idee welke ik moet kiezen.
Can't wait for tomorrow! :D

x Krizia


Hanne said...

Wauw dat zag er super uit! Jammer dat ik dat gemist heb :) Die met de strikjes zien er super leuk uit, maar jij kan natuurlijk met hogere hakken stappen dan ik ;)

Glamour Bbey. said...

Leuke foto's heb je gemaakt! & je was gek van die rode, maar je zal wel zien als je ze aanhebt he :D! x

Fashionista* said...

Heel leuke foto's
ik ben blij dat ik je blog heb ontdekt.. ik ben een fan :)