April 2, 2011

New York Color

The presentation for the make-up brand New York Color was something very special and I'm so happy that Stéphanie took me with her! We got to park the car in an underground parking lot and then we got picked up by this old NY cab! Isn't that just amazing? The fancy cab driver took us to a burger restaurant called 'Burgerij' but unfortunately we had missed the presentation already... But that didn't take away the yummy meal we got: a big smokey bacon burger!

Stéphanie's eyes crossed mine a couple of times and they were saying: OMG, I can't eat the whole thing! Haha, it was actually kind of funny! The big burger wasn't all gone, but we were so full already! But then some delicious brownies came... We just couldn't resist! After that we finally got up and looked at what NYC had to offer...


New York Color was founded in 1999 and the American brand stood for innovativeness and quality and it really shook up the world of budget cosmetics. The colors and packaging are all in theme of the city that never sleeps, a.k.a. New York! These products will be in about 70 Kruidvat stores here in Belgium and will be sold for some crazy prices such as €2.99 for some nailpolish! I LIKE!


Bie M'as-tu vu said...

Wow these are great pictures! At first, I really thought you went off to NY! Nice post, Miss Fashion Folio.

Bie M'as-tu vu

Stiene S. said...

Geweldige foto's! x

Hanne said...

Die hamburger was inderdaad BIG hé, maar super lekker :) Leuk dat ik je nog es gezien heb!

Nell said...

Mmmmmmm the burgers look delicioussssss!
& the make-up too ^^


Nouvelle Vague said...

NYC in belgium ? that's a good news !!!!! since when can i get it ????

Afrodite said...

Mid april! So hurry to the nearest Kruidvat in 2 weeks! :)

Kim said...

Waauw awesome! Ik wou dat ik erbij was geweest, 't zag er echt wel de moeite uit :) Leuk!


Anonymous said...

Hoi Fashion Folio,

Hey was leuk je te ontmoeten op de NYC perslunch en Steve Madden night.
Vind je blog website stijl echt leuk!
Tot een volgende evenement!
Groetjes, Lindy


AnnaMoon said...

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