December 14, 2010

Top 3 blog posts of November


I've talked about these gentlemen in the post about PURE PR. The same post in which I've mentioned they had won the Elle Style Award for Best Belgian Blog. You can guess that's why I've chosen that post to be my number 1 of November. Not only do I like their blog, I like their PR agency as well as I like them! I didn't attend the Style Awards but I was really hoping for them to win. They deserved it! The category about blogs was entirely new so that's definitely something to be proud of. Other categories such as best belgian model went to Anouck Lepère, who also deserved it (you see her everywhere these days!). Once again, I'd like to congratulate Stijn & Tom, the faces behind the blog!

It's just keeps on going, Belgian blogs keep on amazing me! This is the story of a young man... a New York based Belgian who travels around the world to get behind the lens. Yep, a super model and a hot one too (sorry, I had to say it once and for all!). As he makes his steps into the fashion business, he makes them in style. Not only fashion wise, but the company he does it with! Taking pictures at a party, I know you guys do it too. But do those pictures have Jessica Stam, Carine Roitfeld or Lara Stone on them?  Our Ceesie's pictures do! Do you get invited to Julia Roitfeld's birthday party?** Cesar Casier does! Except for the good looks, his name has something special, don't you think? Anyways, this is sort of a tribute to the handsome one behind the lens, somewhere in the world!

Three spots of a post such as this one, can be devoted to one woman. A woman which garderobe is as big as Central Station. Not to forget about the shoes! Stylish, edgy, classic retro... high heels, flats, platforms... faux fur, leather, silk. Yes, this lady manages every kind of style. I don't know how she does it, but she does! The post which I loved the most was the one where Karla spent thanksgiving in NY. The city is much colder than where the California girl comes from, but she spent the holiday in style. What surprised me the most is the picture below. Did Karla manage to walk in those fine, but oh so gorgeous, heels on the NYC cobbles? Wauw, job well done. If it were up to me, she could change the blog to "Super Woman's Closet".

* Except if you're big in fashion industry and you're reading this... then you're pictures probably involve a lot of big names of the fashion industry.


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Stijn said...


Sophie/Alerte à Liège said...

Très belle sélection de blogs! Je découvre le est top!

Step On My Heelz said...

Just discovered your blog! and I love it so far!
Karla is my FAVOURITE blogger! Her blog is actually the very first I read years ago and I just fell in love with her style and still is today!