August 13, 2011

Moments for body and soul

Let me introduce you to a new Belgian cosmetic brand: Blicious. I came in contact with their products when I visited the SUMO press days a few months ago. I was quite surprised to see such fancy looking products and knowing they were Belgian! Yes, this tiny country can quite surprise you! Anyways, I was also very surprised when I received two of those products in my mailbox. And how lucky am I, I received products I could actually use! I'm not a big fan of using a lot of products, but some body wash and cleanser & toner can never hurt, right? 

There are 3 steps to the use of Blicious products: cleaning, regenerating and stimulating. I received the whole package of the first step: an intelligent cleansing cream and a cell hydrating body wash. More of that last one later. Let's start with step 1: the 2 in 1 cleanser & toner. As I told you before, I'm not a big product user, but when I do buy cosmetics, it's mostly the smell that does it. Another hip hip hooray for blicious, because I absolutely LOVE the smell! 

It's very easy to use - read: gently massage the cream on your skin and then rinse it with water, at least that's what I do :) On top of all that: it's also an eye make-up remover... Halelujah!

Step 2 of the cleaning process involves the cel hydrating body wash. Again, an amazing - spa treatment like - smell! But that's not the only thing I like about it... It cleans your body without dehydrating it. And for me, that's a must due to my dry skin. Easy to use? But of course! It's like any normal shower gel, but only better... much much better!

Thanks to SUMO PR for sending me these products!



Ik ga dat spul zeker wetn proberen. Leuke blog heb je trouwens :)

xoxo Robine @

Goede post!!

Stiene S. said...

Ik kende het merk nog niet, leuk! :D x

Krizia said...

Never heard of the brand before, so it's always nice to discover something new!

x Krizia

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