August 16, 2011

Don'ts like a dude

Problema número uno - don't mind my Spanish vocabulary, I just booked a flight to Barcelona baby! - is that boys don't know how to mix & match... AT ALL! Okay just kidding, some boys do. But this combination just hurts my eyes... Why would you ever consider of wearing two garments like the ones above... together!?!? You just don't. Let us, girls,  do the mix & matching or combine a printed t-shirt with plain colored pants/shorts.

Yes, I'm begging you... Don't ever buy shoes like these. I don't care if they're Lacoste, Diesel, Hugo Boss or Alexander McQueen for Puma... Just don't consider buying them. No, even better: don't even look at them! Because when I see a guy walking around in these kind of shoes, I'm really this close - makes a gesture with her fingers - to throwing up. Okay, I'm a bit exaggerating here, but please tell me you hate men in these shoes as well?

I don't know why, but I couldn't get any more inspiration for this post. But I think you get the picture? I absolutely hate it when you guys mix everything together when, clearly, they're not meant to be worn together. I just wanted this post to be a bit funny, because the people who live near Brussels will immediately see the type of person that I had in mind when making this post. Goodnight!

8 comments: said...

Hahaha ik moet spontaan denken aan die *** van Brussel & Mechelen die de zomer lang in Bloso rondlopen, ghaha! Zalige post!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you mean girl!

Krizia said...

Amen to that girl, amen to that!

x Krizia

Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

SC said...

Haha, super! So cartoon-ish ;)


Laura said...

haha woon in Brussel, weet exact over wat je het hebt, je bent de ditto klak/pet vergeten ook in dezelfde print weliswaar ;)

Fashionmania said...

Haha, wat grappig! Nog een paar foute dingen bij jongens: diamanten oorbellen, een zwart haarbandje, een super strak t-shirt uit badpakkenstof, fluo roze sweaters, etc.


If only boys who dress like this would read your blog... It would make the world a lot prettier!

Melvin Jonckers

Insomnia said...

Ik heb dit postje direct gezien toen dat je het had gepost. Ook ik weet perfect welke types je bedoelt. Sindsdien, wnr ik zo ene zie lopen, moet ik altijd aan jou denken en lachen :)