July 1, 2011

Top 3 blog posts of June

A while ago I discovered a blog of a beautiful young lady that made me want to buy a sewing machine and a good pair of scissors and start DIYing! Yes people, I think I'm in the DIY phase! I can hardly ignore it, it's everywhere: all over the blogosphere, my big fashion example (Tiany Kiriloff) is showing her audience something new every week, my grandma loves to make me a piece of clothing, ... Okay, now back to this girl.. Checked out her blog already? She's too gorgeous for words! And this dress? Definitely something I'd wear. But believe me, this DIY is not the only thing that keeps you dreaming about your own clothing line. In need of inspiration? Want to discover a new blog? Then this is definitely the blog to be.

Yes, this post is really all about originality in your wardrobe. I guess I'm really in a weird stage where I clean up my closet and have four garbage bags as a result. Ivania, the girl behind Love Aesthetics, is one special girl. You have to like her style to like her blog and altough I can't see myself wearing the same pieces as she does, I do love her style very much. When I saw this video I was completely blown away about what a big step she's taking as a blogger. Wearing the same dress for one month is a really big thing as a fashion blogger who regularly posts outfits. It's original, innovative and it's a good way to really appreciate clothing and all the things we have in our luxurious society. The experiment ended today, so you can go and check out the result in her previous posts!

And yet another DIY post, yes I'm a big fan! But don't you just love those american flag shorts on Katjusha? Some of you might know her from the Blogger Hopping video on Andy's blog. At least that's where I know her from. Although her project was also a very good post to share with you guys, I didn't do it. I thought I'd stay in the DIY/wardrobe trend and so here it is: another pretty DIY from head to toe. I'm actually in love with these shorts and I still can't believe she just painted the stars and stripes herself. While browsing through her blog you will find some more things she creatively made herself and some regular outfit posts of course!

I hope I did not bore you with all those DIYs and creative wardrobes and stuff... It's just that I read Nina Garcia's book which is also about investing in good basics, smart shopping and create an amazing style. Anyways, that's it for today, but keep coming back, because I have like a million things to show you guys!


www.glamour-blog.com said...

Zalige post! Goed om nieuwe blogs te ontdekken!

Stiene S. said...

Love the black dress! x