July 3, 2011

Hunting down some Sampar

Friday 24th of June. Place to be? Midi-Station, Brussels. A group of carefully selected Dutch and French speaking Belgian bloggers gathered together to listen to Patrick Sounigo, founder of Sampar, and eat un dessert délicieux. This cosmetic brand might not sound familiar but once you get to know it, you can't get enough. Its products are made for a special woman: la parisienne. Yes, you guessed it right, Sampar is a Paris based beauty brand but sells their products all over the world. Of course, this means it's not really made for only the parisiennes of this world! It's actually for all those metropolitan women who are in love with their city and can't live without its culture, its shops, its food and so on... 

The best way to discover this brand is to live the life of a metropolitan woman in a big city with a great group of blogger friends: Nadia, Lorraine and Kim! So that's what PURE PR came in: they organised a whole beauty hunt in the center of Brussels. We had to go to several Planet Parfums, where Sampar is sold, to get to know a specific Sampar product and the Best of Sampar all in total. First stop: Brussels Central Station. After a quick touristic shot necessary for the first challenge, Tom told us a bit more about the 'Equalizing Foam Peel'. I admit that I'm not a peeling kind of girl, but this one was quite interesting! It looks like some kind of oil and has no small particals like the good old peeling gels we know. Anyways, I knew that wasn't really a product I'd use in my daily life.

And away we go to the next stop: Place de la Monnaie. Our small assignment was to look up/count how many Candace Bushnell books there were in the library and take a picture of us reading one of those. Then we ran to Stijn to hear a bit more about the 'Glamour Shot' (one of my favorites!). This is actually a transparent foundation that you can put over your make-up. Sounds crazy, right? I've been using it ever since and it kind of works: my baby skin is even smoother than before! For those of you who experience redness, unwanted shine and pores, this is the perfect product!

After the glitz and glamour came the next stop: Sablon. We actually had to go to the Pixel Bar to count the cushions used in the bar (you'll understand later). But as it was also our final stop, we went to Planet Parfum and got to know 'Hâlé Simple 24/24' or 'A Hint Of Fresh Air 24/7' in English. Again, a very special product. You put it on and it gives you a sunkissed look after a few hours. No self tanning involved! How great is that? Definitely something I'm planning to buy!

And then came Louise Gallerie, where Patrick Sounigo explained us the 'Eye Rule'. The raspberry seed oil in the anti-aging cream will help to combat the 5 factors of aging: dehydration, skin slackening, dermo-contractions, microcirculation and urban pollution of course. One small thing: I tested it out on my hand and it began to sting a little, with a red spot on my hand as a result. Not one of my favorite products of course, but it might be that I'm allergic to one of the ingrediënts, you never know ^^ Another stop at Louise was Uterqüe, where we had to ask what the name stood for. It's actually 'L'un et l'autre' or literally 'both'. It's because the shop offers both accessories and clothing that you can combine together perfectly. We also had to take a picture with one of the accessories: some pretty heels!

And there we were again: Sablon! We got some delicious food at Pixel Bar and the winner was announced! Unfortunately, not our group but we had a great day nevertheless! Our feet were killing us, but can you blame them? I wonder how all those metropolitan women do it all the time. Walking in heels from place to place in a big city every day. Anyways, I want to say thank you to Tom & Stijn from PURE and Patrick Sounigo and Sampar for a great day!


www.glamour-blog.com said...

Superleuke foto's meid :)!

Imelda said...

Ziet er uit als een superleuke dag!

Sweet Harvest Moon said...

Ziet er heel erg leuk uit!


Brunette Blogging said...

Was een leuke dag & kwas superblij dat jij in mijn team zat :)
(P.S. Don't give up blogging, I would really miss you!)