July 8, 2011

Do it like a dude: Summertime

Since summer is officialy here - well no, that's not completely true - I thought it would be good to show you guys how I like to see a boy dress himself during summer. One outfit for the day and one for the night, of course! I'm kind of a basic person when it comes to boys and their clothing, I absolutely don't need any fashion victim but I do love men with style, of course. But let's keep things simple during summer, because it is period of hot weather and free time (for most of us youngsters!). Enjoy and let me know what you think, boys ;)

Black Deco Style Trilby - Topman
Wayfarer sunglasses - Ray-Ban
Sunspel limited edition cotton t-shirt - Mr Porter
Dark red crop shorts - River Island
Asos Black Cutout Derby Shoes - Asos

This outfit is really one to try out, guys! I chose the hat because every boy needs one in his closet! This one reminded me so much of Bruno Mars because he always wears hats like this and the print is kind of ethnic and Bruno is too ^^ The shirt and shorts may be simple when it comes to the material, but I chose these colors because seriously, the jeans/army shorts + white tee... been there, done that! So choose a bit of color in your wardrobe, boys! It'll do you so good, trust me. As for the shoes, I chose these derbies, because they're classy, yet comfy enough to wear during the day. The fact that they're cutouts, makes them perfect for boys who don't like to wear sandals in summer, a.k.a my boyfriend.

Alexander McQueen Silk Skull-print scarf - Mr Porter
Brooks Brothers Red Slim Fit Pique Polo - Mr Porter
Deep Green Chino Short - Topman
Toe Cap Ankle Boots - Zara

Yet again I chose the most simple items but in a gorgeous color. Don't you just love the combination of the deep green shorts and the red polo? I clearly do ;) You can actually play with the shoe style a lot. If you're more of a classy guy, you could wear some derbies. If you prefer some plimsolls, you could totally wear them. I'm just showing you my favorite picks and hopefully pushing you in the right - fashion - direction! Of course, summer nights could get chilly... You can wear a blazer or a cardigan on top, but that would ruin the beauty of the polo, in my opinion. Behave like a man and just bear the cold ^^ What I do allow you to use against a fresh breeze, is this beautiful silk scarf by Alexander McQueen. A bit on a budget? Okay, you can also buy a normally priced scarf or snood. But just think about it... every man needs a (Mc)Queen ;)


Gilles said...

That nighttime outfit will be mine :p
That scarf... I already had it on my wish-list so you will not hear me complain 'bout price. It's just worth it!

I love the shorts, everything that has a petrol like color is just gorgeous! Want Want Want!

Gilles x


Jelka said...

Both of those outfits are great! (for the boys of course) xx

www.glamour-blog.com said...

Die eerste schoentjes zijn kei leuk!! Mss is aan mijne Fransman voorstellen :D haha!

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

i am more into the daytime look because of the smashing colors. the mint and the bourbon look amazing together. fabulous with the cream shoes. oh i wish men would look like this! the world would be so much more interesting

Fashionmania said...

Loving this blog post! It's nice to read and the outfits are simple yet so pretty. Good taste! I also love the fact that this post is about men's clothing. Great job!

Brunette Blogging said...

Cute, the daytime boy is my favorite :)

felicitysdiary.com said...

I really like the daytime outfit. In boymode I'd go for it in a heartbeat. Just the shoes, they're nice but I share your bf's opinion; I find men and bare feet to be a big nono. Even if it's just a small patch. But for the rest, impeccable styling hun! You could dress me any day (which, I cannot emphasise enough, I mean in a very NON-fetishy kinky sorta way).


I love both of the outfits, the only thing I don't like is the red polo... I've never liked polo shirts actually, there's something about them that bothers me.. :s
I'm loving the Mc Queen scarf btw! :)

Melvin Jonckers

Phara said...

Mint and burgundy look so great together!