March 16, 2011

New in: some beauty products

Volume Million Lashes - Extra Black by L'Oréal Paris

Cream Blush - Velvety Peach by Yves Saint Laurent

Daisy Eau de Toilette Spray by Marc Jacobs

Hey guys, long time, no posting. But I've just been so busy with school and friends... But, I'm here now and I wanted to share these new beauty products that came into my life recently. Let's start with the mascara. My previous mascara was really bad and I didn't know which mascara would fit my long eyelashes. My sister has the Volume Million Lashes but without the extra black so as you can guess now, I used hers when I could! But it was time I got my own et voilà. It's really good and I can recommend it!

Then there's my new baby: cream blush by YSL! You may not know it, but I'm not really the type of girl who wears a lot of make make up. I'm quite naturel in that area. The things I use? A pencil eyeliner by Chanel, my new mascara and a blush or bronzer. Since I don't use any foundation, this cream blush is good for me. I'm happy with it and I can guarantee you that it sticks to your face as if it was glue (which is a good thing in my opinion)!

A new perfume steps into my life every year around valentine. I wanted to try something new and not go for any familiar smells. I kind of did. I hadn't had the Daisy before, but my sister and friends did. I loved the smell and the new fragrance is also good, but it was too much of a summer feeling, which we don't really have in rainy Belgium. I also bought a mini spray to carry in my bag in case I forgot to spray some at home. Very handy indeed!

P.S. The blush is €38, the mascara €15 and the perfume €66. I was lucky enough to receive a gift voucher from my best friends with which I bought the blush, mascara and the mini spray. And I have to thank my lovely boyfriend for the good smell ^^


Imelda said...

Leuke spulletjes!
Die blush ziet er echt uit als de perfecte kleur!

This is Belgium said...

greetings from a co-belgian blogger