March 19, 2011

Everybody loves Marc

Yesterday, when window shopping through Avenue Louise, I came across this doll at Francis Ferent. The first picture was me at Francis Ferent's bloggers night, where I could put an outfit together as I wanted to. I chose some good old Marc Jacobs garments because they were kind of my style. Did I inspire the FF team to put the outfit in their window shop? I feel flattered even if I didn't inspire them :D


Natai Herremans said...

Quite sure it was you who inspired them! :)
Very cute sweater

Nell said...

My future (gorgeous) bag! <3


I don't really like the shop, but I like the outfit... They just didn't have any inspiration themselves so they just had to copy your outfit because it's so cute ;)

Melvin Jonckers

Hanne said...

Amai super zalig! :)

Goesting said...

Haha, dat is inderdaad heel toevallig dat die outfit nu in hun etage staat. Je hebt hen sowieso geïnspireerd ;). Mooie outfit ook!