September 6, 2010

Come september... I'll be gone

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hi everyone! 

Okay so tonight is the night... I fly to Abu-Dhabi and then straight to Manila! Three weeks gone from crappy and rainy Belgium. Three weeks without my own bed and my family.

But... three weeks with an amazing family (bf's) and my bf! Three weeks of laying in the sun, exploring new things, snorkling, sunbathing and shopping of course... I'll try to keep you guys up to date. I was going to vlog but I can't find the charger for my small camera :( I'll keep looking!

So... Do you wanna know where I'll be? Here's the full trip:

Monday 6: Departure to Abu-Dhabi
Tuesday 7: Arrival in Manila (11 o'clock in the evening)
Wednesday 8: Shopping in Asia Mall (biggest mall ever)
Thursday 9: Visit to Makati, Manila
Friday 10: Flight to Virac
Saturday 11: Virac
Sunday 12: Virac
Monday 13: Flight to Puerto Princessa, Palawan
Tuesday 14: Badjao, Palawan
Wednesday 15: El nido, Palawan
Thursday 16: El nido, Palawan
Friday 17: El nido, Palawan
Saturday 18: City tour in Kawayanan Resort, Palawan
Sunday 19: Island hopping in Kawayanan Resort, Palawan
Monday 20: Visit of underground river in Kawayanan Resort, Palawan
Tuesday 21: Flight to Cebu
Wednesday 22: Cebu
Thursday 23: Cebu
Friday 24: Manila
Saturday 25: Manila
Sunday 26: Flight to Abu-Dhabi
Monday 27: Arrival in Belgium :(


Riley said...

Have a great trip! Felt the need to comment since you commented on my blog too. Thanks so much, I always love getting comments.

Can't wait to see all the fashion you see in Abu-Dhabi. Bet you will find some amazing pieces.

Imelda said...

Veel plezier op vakantie!