August 27, 2010

One cup at a time

A hype or not?

March 2008: La Défense, Paris: Drank something delicious at Starbucks that I'd randomly picked out.
August 2008: Brussels Airport: a Starbucks shop opens at the departures.
September 2008: Brussels Airport: Saying goodbye for my bf and picking up some Starbucks for my friends (just chose something that I thought I might like: Vanilla&Cream, it was okay)

May 2010: Brussels Airport: Random visit to the airport with Tessa: just to drink Starbucks. Didn't know what I'd like so I took Strawberries&Cream (Tessa's favourite).
July 2010: Vilvoorde: Talking to my boyfriend's sister about how I forgot what I once drank in Paris and that I loved it... She knew what it was!
August 2010: Antwerp Central Station: Texted boyfriend's sister for the name and ordered it:  a tall Frappucino Java Chip and yes... It was like I was back in ice cold Paris! 

So... now you know the story about my favo drink at the amazing Starbucks! It's cold, tastes like chocolate and it's delicious!
I personally think some people like it because it's a hype and it's kind of cool to have a cup in your hand like all the celebrities. But luckily there are people who have or pick up coffee everyday and do have a favo drink and enjoy it every time they get one (from now on: I'm that last person!) Below: a bad quality picture of my frapuccino!

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Imelda said...

MMMMM starbucks! Heerlijk!