July 1, 2010


Hi there!

Summer has officially begun and I can't wait to make it the best one ever! I graduated from high school and my 3 months of doing nothing can begin... Well, no, that's not true ^^ I start to work on saturday just for one month, then in august one week away with the girls and in september a holiday to the Philippines with my bf and his family (can't wait!!!)...
And what would I like to wear during all of this? Well, rompers and jumpsuits have caught my eye lately... But the thing is: I can barely find any in the shops!

The romper or playsuit above is actually slightly expensive although very simple. As you see, you can style it 2 times: day and night! This one's a Chloé so that explains a lot :)! During a hot summer day you can wear cute little sandals such as the Melissa's above (shop them here) and style it with a Marc by Marc Jacobs tote bag!
As for the hot summer evening, I'd wear clogs or these beautiful babies from Pedro Garcia! I couldn't find them in purple but this color is good as well. And for the bag: a LARGE Marcie by Chloé (absolutely LOVE it)

And... what are you wearing this summer?!

xoxo Afrodite


Katjusha 23 years old said...

i saw your comment about my illustrations on stylescrapbook! Thanks for the nice words ;)

love from Berlin :)


Anonymous said...

Afrodite! Ik hou van u manier van schrijven! Echt zo kei vlot & makkelijk leesbaar voor iedereen en blablabla. (just love the fact that it's in english too)
Echt, ik dnk da ge kei goeie journalist zou zijn :D
Have a nice summer! Ma ik kom u zoizo nog wel tegen! x Alexandra

Shanah said...

Als ik kan helpen; voor t'moment zijn er echt leuke jumpsuits & playsuits bij Zara. Kheb er zelf één gekocht en het kostte echt maar 10 euro! Lang leve de solden dus :) Bij H&M heb ik er een paar gezien, maar die waren echt ni mooi.. Bloemen in te flashy kleurtjes, echt precies reclame voor chiquita bananen ofzo.. En anders bij Urban Outfitters. Voilà :D