July 17, 2010



Miranda Kerr is in my top 3 of Victoria's secret models, that's for sure! She's just so pretty and sexy and cute at the same time! Her Australian looks definately paid off. And then the brand: 'Victoria's secret'. Wauw, just wauw! I love their undies and can't wait to go shopping there myself (I give a list of what I want to the people that go to the states ^^).

Back to Miranda... She looks the most friendly person in the world and I think she is. Her smile and her blue eyes make you go crazy/jealous/in love... She can do it all! Her body is perfect and sporty! She's not like most of the models: too much on the skinny side. Miranda is just ... perfect (sorry for the repeating, but come on... isn't she?!)

What do you guys/girls think ?

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