July 24, 2010

501 vintage

Yes, my ass looks big in these but I absolutely DON'T care... They are the most comfy and (for my taste) stylish shorts I've ever had in my closet. They're vintage Levis, the famous and historical '501' jeans! They used to be a man's but now they're mine, yay!

They can be worn with a loose top like the one above or with a tank top, I love it both ways! I bought them in the lovely city of Amsterdam in the summer of 2009 while I was there on a 3 day trip with my boyfriend. All the vintage shops were put on my list and of course I found them in one the shops for only € 15! together with a Nike top which says 'Just do it' on the back, love it!

The bag in the next pictures in one from 'Airlines Originals' and it's called 'BK Singapore'. BK stands for Karl Bag and I love mine! It was given to me by my bosses because I actually work in a shop where they sell them. The t-shirt with 'I heart BXL' on it is also from the same shop and I had to wear it to work that day, so that's why it's in the picture :)! And you know my Havaianas fit already ;)

Enjoy the rest of your summer... see you soon in a next post!

P.S. Thanks to Zoi, Shanah, Adonia, Marielle, Les Papillons and Tessa for following me :)


Zoë said...

Ma gij! U ass ziet er geweldig uit :) Prachtige 501, j'adore!

Marielle* said...

kheb die ook ma in't zwart :)

Afrodite said...

@ Marielle: heb hem ook in het zwart, maar minder oversized en die is meer high waisted, dus daarom vind ik deze blue jeans versie veel leuker om te dragen en ja gwn KEi comfy!

Marielle* said...

ahnee, de mijne is perfect & idd comfiest éver, kwou dat ik die overal kon aandoen haha

oidlauc said...

Hi Afrodite!Niced to meet you!Nice outfit!Bye bye from Rome!