December 30, 2009

Xmas gifts

Christmas is officially over now and it was fun! The evening of the 24th December I celebrated with my family but it was already over at midnight but then I went and celebrate with my bf's family! His family was so funny and we were all a bit tipsy, but it was really fun!

And what's christmas without gifts?

My parents gave me subscription to the 'GLAMOUR' and a black scarf (soyaconcept).

Shoes (H&M) from my sister

Bracelets from my friends (snake, metal and leopard) and my boyfriend's sister (colored stones)

A dress from my friends (ZARA)

3 brooches (Essentiel) from my boyfriend's sister

A bird necklace from my friend

Pictures taken with my iPhone 3G so the quality is bad but I tried to edit them with Photoshop CS3

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