December 9, 2009

get to know me

1.What's the best thing by your bed?
My Build-A-Bear Hello Kitty (called Asia) that I received from my bf when we were 3 months together (On New year's eve: 2 years together ^^)

2. What's the best book you've read?
Hmmm.. It was actually a Dutch author: Dirk Bracke and the book was called 'Een lege brug', which means an empty bridge. It's about an autistic girl in an institution and her 'sitter' uses her to play tetris. But not the tetris we know... he calls having sex tetris and the girl thinks it's a normal thing... It was really sad to read and I did it in 3 days.. I can't even finish the 1st twilight book in 1 year (sorry, it's a bit boring) ...

3. What's the best place in your house?
If I really had to say sth, I'd say: my room. But it's actually kind of small, but still cosy. But I'd rather go to my bf and friend's place than stay in...

4. Any favourite food?
Greek of course! Manestra, souvlakia, tarama, oxtapodi, calamaria, gavros, feta cheese or boujourdi, traxana ...
I also like the Italian kitchen and a few Philipino dishes as well...

5. What's the best gadget you own?
My Iphone 3G of course... My 2nd baby!

6. What's your best recent purchase?
New shoes that I told you about and black gloves with studds on them!

7. What’s your guilty pleasure? 
All sorts of pasta :$ I could eat it EVERYDAY!

8. Best vacation spot?
I've never been anywhere else than Greece, so I'd say Greece of course :p But I was asked to go to the Philippines with my bf and his family and I'm reallllyyyy excited!

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