May 6, 2011

Top 3 blog posts of April

Hey guys! It's been a while since I did a top 3 blog post thingy, but I was extremely busy. I still am actually, haha, but I thought I'd do this every first friday of the month since I don't have school that day. Isn't that nice of me :)? Well, here you go!

N°1: Mode Junkie - Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Anjelica Lorenz is the beauty behind this blog and I absolutely love her! You may not know it yet but I have a certain connection to filipinos. My boyfriend is half and I've been to the beautiful islands in september. I knew Mode Junkie from way before and the fact that she's pinay made her blog so much more interesting to me. I can honestly say that I love it! I've seen so many of her outfits and I'm telling you: that girl can pull of any look! The reason I took this particular outfit was because it's really my style. I'd wear it the exact same way: shorts, shirt, wedges, hat and a pretty satchel. If only I had the same pretty stuff ^^ Didn't know her blog? Hurry up and check it out already ;)

N°2: Zarna's runway: so chaud

so chaud

Some of my (American) readers may know this Bollywood beauty already. I discovered her last month and I thought she was quite pretty! It seems like I'm staying in the blogosphere with Asian roots but hey, I love Asia, can't help it ^-^ On Zarna's blog you can find a lot of different outfits such as this summery one but also very classy, very Bollywood or something with an edgy touch. Every garment suits her lovely sunkissed skin so well. Conclusion? I love it and I'm jealous, hihi ^^

N°3: This chick's got style - Take two

Take two

I hope you all know Yara's blog? Well, I've been following it for quite a while now and her style has been pretty from the beginning. Very clean and simple but everytime she adds something special. In march it were some gorgeous orange Nelly shoes but since I'm doing a post about April's best posts I couldn't use them. Luckily for me (and for Yara too :p) she bought a second pair in black. I must say I'm more in love with the orange ones but damn, I love the details! Yara keeps on buying the prettiest shoes, I wish I could do the same, over and over again ^-^


Anonymous said...

the outfits are amazing..i love how they put it together. i love Mode Junkie's shoes and Zarna is always amazing. i love her outfits.
i love this post. i was thinking of doing something similar on my blog :)


I love Anjelica Lorenz' outfit so much! Nice post :)

Melvin Jonckers said...

Die oranje Nelly boots zijn inderdaad zo leuk!! Leuke post meid! :)

Glam'Ethic said...

Your pic are good quality.