May 13, 2011

Do it like a dude

Levi's - UPR

The press days are over and we're back to the second friday of the month. Blogger seemed to have some trouble today but I actually didn't notice anything at all (might have been because I was not home all day). Today I'll give you guys an overview of what I saw and liked at the press days in Brussels and Antwerp. It consists of collection for next autumn and winter and I must say that there's not that big of a difference. Jeans is hip as usual, paired with some good old Vans sneakers (also a picture of the boat shoes included!) or some military boots of course. Put maybe you guys should try out some other fancy shmancy shoes? Anyways... I'll show you a few pieces of the next Superdry collection, which is very popular for boys when I look around. The lumberjack shirt doesn't seem to go away but don't get me wrong: I like it! And what I, personally, like on top of that is good old knitted sweater with those prints on the sleeves! But what else do boys need to be stylish in those cold winter days? That's right... scarves! You get yourself one boys because when you live in Belgium, you'll definitely need it.

Vans - Oona
Vans - Oona
Superdry - SUMO PR
Superdry - SUMO PR
Lee - Listen Up
Nike - Pravda
Superdry - SUMO PR
Tommy Hilfiger - UPR
Alexander McQueen for Puma - UPR
Superdry - SUMO PR
I think it was Café Costume ? - Oona
Diesel - Tan-Dem
Hugo Boss - UPR
R8 on the parking in Strantwerpen... What.A.Car :|


Gert-Jan said...

damn, ik wil die vans!
heb je een idee welk model naam dat is? ik vind dat nergens..

Absolutely Mrs. K said...

my favorite: the nike and the Hugo Boss. the nike sneakers would be perfect for my hubby ( at least i think they would be perfect). fabulous inspiration girl!

BbyAngel said...

I love the vans!
Nice car!!

Afrodite said...

Gert-Jan, ik heb naar Oona gemaild om de naam te vragen want weet het zelf ook niet :) I'll let you know!


Sarah said...

Nice overview! I like Lee a lot :)

STEFANIE said...

ooh, die Vans zijn echt super super leuk!
Echt spijtig dat ik geen tijd had om naar al de press days te gaan... Nuja, volgende keer misschien :)

Fashion Fabrice said...

die hugo bosses...;O


Het gaat hier over een Era Wingtip model van 85 euro uit de nieuwe collectie van Vans (OTW collectie). Je kan deze schoenen in de loop van Juli of Augustus krijgen in elke Vans winkel, bv. ook in Antwerpen ;)(Kammenstraat 47)

Melvin Jonckers

Louise Stubbe said...

ohmy alles in deze post is zooo geweldig!! Wat een leuke boxers en schoenen!!

S. said...

aah ik was er ook vrijdag de 13de, lucky day thanks to la fille d'o/murielle
leuke blog overigens !