February 20, 2011

QS by s.Oliver

Friday morning, the mailman woke me up to deliver a package: the s.Oliver Presskit. I didn't expect it to arrive at my doorstep, but I was happy. Especially when I discovered that s.Oliver has some collections that I actually like! I never turned around when seeing this brand, but the QS is okay for my opinion.

It's described as a rock 'n' roll movie in which the city is your playground. The favorite part of the day is the sunset, because that's when the vampires come out. Be careful... Are you scared? s.Oliver knows vampires are hot (Hello, Stefan Salvatore!), but those who wear this collection aren't afraid to wander around in the city at night... or maybe they are? This collection will draw everyone's attention with its popping colors and *not your everyday* shapes.

My favorite pieces? The whole men's collection and everything jeans when it comes to the girls. The army boots aren't that bad either. I really like this campaign, but I'm guessing you knew that by now. Keep visiting, because I might put another collection I like on the blog!

P.S. Thanks to Emily Choulaghians, Ana, Zoë, Mauranne Geenen and Helen vd N for following :) !


Gilles said...

I love the denim shirt(girl) :p

Imelda said...

Ik was eigenlijk nooit echt fan van s.Oliver, maar na het zien van deze beelden wil ik toch nog eens langs de winkel passeren :)

Shanah said...

De laatste tijd vind ik dat er inderdaad wel één of andere stijgende lijn is bij s.Oliver. QS ziet er ook al zo leuk uit, ik hou echt van al die denim stuff :) Jeans on jeans = hot!

Ps: *or maybe.. ;)


Stiene said...

Deze collectie heeft inderdaad mooie stukken!