November 2, 2010

Top 3 blog posts of October


The blog may be Spanish but that didn't take my attention away from this post. October ends with Halloween and as much as I hoped mine would be super, it wasn't after all. My theme was to be scary and a lot of people were... But in the US you don't have to be scary, just dress up and have fun. That's what I saw in these pictures. The coolest and funniest outfits and I'd definately wear them!!! My personal favourites? Gossip Girl, Pixelate and Lichtenstein! 

Okay, so who wouldn't put The Sartorialist in his top 3? Well, if I could, he'd be in there all the time :) His pictures are beyond amazing!!! But his girl is too... If you thought Garance Doré was just an ordinary girl, you were wrong! She the male version of Scott Schuman, but also his partner. And this post gets the number 2 of october because 1. Garance is amazingly dressed, 2. He snaps while she snaps and 3. It's just so romantic what he writes about her: "Ok, we all know Garance is my woman so anything I write about her will sound overly gushy or be taken that way".
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N°3: Cupcakes and Cashmere: Petal Pink

Before wanting to be a (fashion) journalist, I always dreamed of being an interior designer. I loved decorating my room (oops, no I still do) and I always wanted to go to Ikea (oops again, I still do)! Anyways... Back to the numéro trois! What I love about Emily's blog is that she combines so much... Fashion, food, interior & design. Her style is amazing (in all of the above!). She just moved and her office will be in a sort of pink, not to girly, but feminine with a vintage touch. I know it'll look amazing and I kind of wished I lived in her house! This post was just an example of how she looks at interior, she's really got the eyes to look at something and know what she wants to do with it... Love it!

See you in the next post including the top 3 of November on 7 december!

P.S. Thanks to Jessica Lewis and my sister Pascaline for following!

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