November 26, 2009

The Roaring Twenties

With the world turning in the most technological product of all, there has been fashion during its whole evolution. Isn't it a shame, that everything changes? Fashion is the most precious thing to some women and we throw it away like that. Most people don't even notice fashion at all,which they should feel embarrassed for! This year, classes are all about 'The Roaring Twenties" and as if America isn't already very interesting to me, the clothing of that time is too. Bobbing and The Charleston were things I knew of, but I googled "twenties fashion" and I fell in love. Not only black and white pictures are something I love, but I would really love to wear clothes like that. And who wouldn't love dancing all the time? I heart '20 s

1 comment:

Zoë said...

Lets's go back!!
Ik vind trouwens dat vrouwen toen veel mooier waren! Zo gracieus..