October 27, 2009

what ? what ? what ?

In 2005, the french designer, Tom Tilleul, decided to re-produce is old favorite bag from the airline company Aerobrazil. A few years ago, who would have thought it would soon become a hit… and that, years later, he would manufacture thousands of those ! Joined by the belgian Valentine Halloy in 2006, they have created the brand Airlines.

She’s in love with luxurious fancy-leather goods, he’s been passionate in civil aviation since… ever ! At first, the brand was oriented in a professional segment, in a more « equipement look alike » style. To order, they’ve executed a « Pilot Wallet » and those famous key-holders « Remove Before Flight ». Soon followed by the design of the first bags which gave a second life to the ex-companies such as Pan Am and TWA. Success came rapidly with the editions of rare or exotic companies, carrying dreams of evasion such as Las Vegas Airways, Aloha Airlines, Bali Air… All best-sellers of a collection wich is constantly full of new companies, models or other small series becoming in turn collectors.

Everything started when young trendy people and avant-gardists students aimed, via Airlines, to differenciate themselves : their goal was to be & look different, to possess THE company others didn’t have, or to affirm their attachment to a country, a destination… a dream.

It’s been said on blogs that an element of a puzzle is in the lining of an Airlines ! « This story follows us from the beginning and we will soon make it because this involuntary buzz amuses us much. » say the creators.

Easily recognizable, an Airlines bag is characterized by the quality of its pvc and finitions. A must at this price for these travel bags that some companies offered in the years 60’ and 70’ to they first class customers. Retought for an everyday use, designed in pure rescue spirit, each bags of the collection can be identifies with its label safety on board , its orange lining, its retro metallic zip and is always equipped with an authentic whistle usually attached to life jackets. Here’s a little anecdote : isn’t this one of the only objects – produced by billions - not supposed to be used ?

Today, Airlines is re-editing, under licence, many more companies. No jet-lag guaranteed !

To be see soon by Airlines : Crash Resist® textile collection and accessories, to be followed…

Store locator: WHAT? 74, rue du marché au Charbon, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

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