May 16, 2010

Shop Zoë Online


I visited Childhood Flames recently and I entered a contest in which I had to describe my ideal spring outfit and make a collage about it. I used every imagination I had in me and this is the outcome ...

It had to contain items from the online shop called "Zoë" and I picked a few things I liked the most including the giveaway present: Alexander Wang Brenda Mini Camera Bag (little black bag hanging on the bar)!!!
I think spring is great! It's the season in which you can wear dresses but also boots or sandals but with some pants... It's a kind of comfy season for me! I would like heels = boots and sandals and lace up booties! This season's color is definately: NUDE! Every color in that area is fine... Floral prints are great as well, but not too much and preferably flowers made out of pastel colors. I'm really the biggest fan of pastel colors! 

Harem pants are also a must! You can wear them with heels like the Lanvin heels with leather and wood on the right (next to the Alexander Wang bag!). The only dress hanging in the picture can be worn with the cute Marc by Marc Jacobs peep toe booties (next to the sofa).

I personally think the bags have to be in plain colors as well... Black never goes out of style and a camel bag is also GREAT! Accessories like jewelry can't go missing here... Simple bracelets are fine and maybe a cute little necklace to spice the outfit up. When going for a walk in spring, one needs sunglasses, of course! In my collage I added the square ones from Chloé in dark tortise. I absolutely love them!

This is it, I think... I really had a lot of work with the collage but I'm so happy with the result. Any good photoshop user will notice some mistakes, but for a rookie, I did a great job ^^

xoxo Afrodite

P.S. To all my readers: I'll let you guys know sth related to the giveaway! 
I didn't win, but I guess better luck next time?

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