April 10, 2010

Rome Day 1

Hi darlings! I know it's been a while since I did some serious blogging, but tonight is 'spent some time at home' time and so that means: blogging till I drop :)  here are a few more pictures I took in Rome...

Entrance of the Vatican museum
Don't get confused: this is not sculpted but painted and it's 3D!
I'm not an art kinda girl nor a Catholic one for that matter but this is just magnificent!
Sue me Vatican City: I took a (lot of) picture(s) of Michelangelo's work!
 Vatican guards: seen in Angels&Demons
 Sienna-Lee and I on St. Peter's square

 Our funny and fashionable guide Sandro with Kate and I (because we were the only ones with real ray-bans)
 Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II - or in other words: HUGE monument in the middle of Rome!
 Forum Romanum

 Circo Massimo

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KT said...

Kweet het, mijn ouders hadden mij Kate moeten noemen, da zou dan tenminste fashionable geweest zijn, tss....:p

ma uw foto'kes zijn nice ze darlin'!