March 21, 2010


Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs; Harem pants, necklace & bracelet - Stills;  Tank top - H&M; Blazer - Zara; Shoes - New look

Hey you guys! This past friday was a 'party' at my school where bands & dj's could play. I had to work there for 1u30 and then I enjoyed the bands that were playing raggae and rock. The pictures are a bit weird because they're taken unexpectedly :) I'm really in love with my new harem pants (thanks mum <3)


KT said...

ZEG AFWO, zegt ge da ze een beetje weird zijn om te masqueren dat ik ze gemaakt heb? :p

Ik vind ze anders wel arty ze :D

phenlythylamine said...

love your jacket and pants <3

I found your blog when I looked for a typical twenties pic. for my bookreport, and now I really like the blog!
but that's wrong. I should continue writing all about the great gatsby...


Candy Rosie said...

Love the style,
You're nice :)