January 28, 2010

Once you go iPhone, can you go back?

Hi darlings!

It may be a question that is asked a lot but can you? I have my iPhone 3G for about a year now and I love it! It's comes in handy everytime except for the moments my baby breaks down. My bf hacked it  and now it's all weird and stuff... But there's one advantage: I can put a lot of themes and applications on it that you can't find on app store :) But now my dear phone is at my bf's because the poor thing was getting nuts! It shut down everytime I opened it... So can you imagine what a hard time I'm having without it? No, I'm kidding ;) But I do like it more than the stupid Samsung I'm using now...

But now Steve Jobs has another toy for us! The Apple iPad Tablet!

I will be the owner of this new baby... one day!


Zoë said...
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Afrodite said...

Ben nu ziekjes en ik kan er eigenlijk aan werken, maar ik heb liever blogging ^^ en ja idd, waarom heeft iemand het in godsnaam nodig? Gewoon omdat het mooi is!