September 30, 2009

the new girl in town

I've fallen in love <3 AGAIN!

This girl's name's Tavi and she's 13 years old ... You may find it weird that I'm in a love with a younger person, but wait 'till you see what she can do!

For a 13 year old she's SO good with fashion that you forget about Anna Wintour or Nina Garcia, she's just so much better! Her words are the language that I want to speak, she's a fashion journalist and she does it with passion. Out of all the blogs that I've passed on, this is the best one! And how did I find her ? Well the little dork that sits inside all day wearing awkward jackets and pretty hats * managed to get into a Belgian newspaper! The headline was: "13 YEAR OLD DICTATES FASHION". Says enough, doesn't it? The article was immediately cut out of my newspaper (by me) and pasted into my new scrapbook. 

TAVI, I admire you and your talents! 

& peeps: will you just look at her ? Isn't she talented and SO ADORABLE?! I think so (: 

*Tavi Gevinson about herself

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